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Your Time is Valuable – and So May be Your Timepiece!

Selling Luxury Watches Online 

The Market

The online market for selling pre-owned, unused or nearly new luxury watches is a booming one, with a large and growing demand and an increasing number of sellers getting involved. With many luxury watches from some of the world’s most highly acclaimed brands (Rolex, Cartier, Omega, Patek Phillipe, etc.) going for astonishingly high prices, this has been an area of significant interest to many vintage watch owners. If you’re thinking about getting in on the action but you believe it’ll take too much time and effort, using a professional online dealer, such as Watch Collector, can make the process a lot easier and can offer you a number of other benefits. Here’s some information worth knowing about how things work with online watch dealers.

The Buyers

1) Individuals:

Although many of the individual buyers are watch collectors/enthusiasts, there’s a significant percentage of buyers who are more interested in purchasing a unique, classic, high-quality watch, that is either out of stock everywhere they’ve looked or is not manufactured any more.

2) Online Dealers:

Different online dealers have different requirements. Many only take in specific brands and in specific condition (most will only accept working watches, but some do offer repair services).

Why Use Online Dealers

1) Save Time and Avoid The Hassle:

Getting your watch evaluated and upraised, finding a place to sell it, advertising it as well as considering different offers/bids, etc., can all be costly, time consuming and inconvenient. With online dealers like Watch Collector, all you need to do is take a picture of the watch, fill in an application form, agree on a price and meeting time, and get paid!

2) Find The Right Audience:

Luxury watches often have an extended life cycle – they can increase in value and become more desirable with time. Buyers on e-bay or at the local jewellers may not be watch enthusiasts and may offer significantly lower prices for your watches. While buyers from non-specialised shops may not understand the real value of your watches, there is a much higher chance that the people who visit websites of online dealers will understand your watch’s value and importance. Dealers are often experts in evaluating a watch’s condition and its potential worth, and their clients/visitors trust their expertise in determining the watch’s value. The websites of luxury watch dealers attract just the right audience for your watches.

3)Trust/Security Issues:

Buyers are often more willing to trust reliable dealers than individual sellers. Because they may not have the experience and technical know-how to check that the item is indeed an original and in the condition you claim it to be in, they may be reluctant to proceed with the purchase. Official, reputable dealers (such as Watch Collector) that allow for secure transactions, privacy, as well as full transparency for buyers and sellers alike, can encourage more buyers, and make the sale of your watches much more comfortable for you.


Most online dealers cover specific areas/regions. Watch Collector for example covers all Yorkshire, Lancashire and Cheshire. Having to go around meeting different potential buyers can be time consuming, and the commuting or shipping costs can add to your expenses – your dealer saves you the time and effort.

Make sure you get the best value for your timepieces without having to go through all the inconveniences; use a reputable online luxury watch dealer such as Watch Collector!

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