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What to Wear For A Summer Barbecue

At the weekend when the sun is shining, it means it’s barbecue time! We all love a great summer barbecue, and they’re a frequent occurrence here in the UK when the weather gets warm. We’re always very excited when we get a weekend with great weather, because it means we can get that grill out and enjoy some time with our friends and family.

Not every barbecue will be a social even though, and some companies have even started having summer barbecues as a business event. These events can be a lot of fun, but you have to be careful how you conduct yourself in front of your boss and your colleagues.

In this post, we’re looking at some outfit choices you can put together for the different summer barbecues you might be attending this year.

The Social Barbecue

This is the ideal event where it’s just hanging out casually with friends and family. It’s a great time to catch up on all the latest news and eat some great food too. We recommend dressing up to show off your summer wardrobe, and really wow your friends.

Take advantage of the hot weather by choosing something that shows off a bit of skin whilst still remaining stylish. Some cute denim shorts and a shirt is effortless but looks great for that summer barbecue. Alternatively, you could try some cropped trousers and a loose vest top to stay cool while your cooking. Go for a look that you can be sexy in, but still look classy.

Dress up the outfit with accessories. Put on some great aviator sunglasses and pair it with some wedges or cute trainers. For more advice on what to wear this summer, try getting in touch with a personal stylist. If want a consultant based in London, try Suzanne Baker at Image Style.

The Company Barbecue

Anything to do with the office is hard to dress for. It’s a social event, but you’re still technically working! You need to be careful when dressing for a work occasion to make sure you’re dressed appropriately and don’t suffer a wardrobe malfunction.

Try a cute summer dress when attending work functions, and dress it up with some accessories. Be wary of wearing heels if you’re going to be on grass. Wedges might be a great alternative for you.

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