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Unique Gift Ideas

Think you have a unique gift idea? Think again

We’ve all seen those websites, promotional catalogues and advertisements promising a ’unique gift idea’, haven’t we?

But what do we find when check them out? You’re correct – the same old, same old.

Turns out those ‘unique gift ideas’ are anything but unique. They’re either cheap inferior copies of someone else’s idea, or often completely lacking inspiration.

So let us help you rethink what a unique gift idea is

Firstly, it needs to be unique – that is, a new idea and not available anywhere else.

Secondly, it needs to be interesting – who wants a boring gift, right? We get enough of them at Xmas, thanks Grandma – no more socks for me, please.

Finally, a unique gift would be relevant – something we treasured because we had an affinity with it. A gift we could relate to, a gift that meant something to us, or a gift that showed someone else was thinking about us.

Unique – Interesting – Relevant, sounds great right?

But what type of gift is available that fits all 3 criteria?

Answer – A bobblehead. But not just any bobblehead, but a customised caricature bobblehead.

What is a bobblehead?

We’ve all laughed at those ‘bobbleheads’, those little cartoonish figures, usually a caricature of a famous person, someone we can laugh at – let’s say George Bush, Borat.

We all giggled and found them amusing, flicking their heads and watching them bobble and wobble.

Not only did we all find them amusing, but anyone touching one can’t resist the opportunity to flick the head, make it bobble. Truly the gift that keeps on giving, indeed!

But what’s unique about a bobblehead?

Whilst bobbleheads are popular, they’re not exactly unique – often thousands are available, especially when it’s someone we love to hate or laugh at.

So imagine if you could have your own handmade, customised, and truly unique bobblehead? Imagine the fun – you could have one of your boss, your wife, or even yourself.

As if being able to reproduce a real-life bobblehead isn’t unique enough, imagine being able to change the body type to get an authentic reproduction of the real-life person (or not!).

Imagine being able to customise the pose also, so your bobblehead subject can be posed doing something they love – such as golfing, barbecuing, cooking, or even in a silly outfit?

We all love those caricatures that show a humourous spin on our features, but how about we bring that to life with a handmade, customised bobblehead?

In addition to face, outfit, pose, body type, ethnicity there’s a bobblehead that can be designed and crafted for any need:-

  • For him or her
  • Pets
  • Sports
  • Weddings
  • Graduation
  • Kids
  • Couples
  • Musicians
  • Fashion
  • Work
  • Business

8 criteria for choosing a customised bobblehead company

  1. Best customisation – pick a company that’s produced 1000s each year, then you have the best chance of a likeness
  2. Size – available in several sizes, especially larger
  3. Painting quality – paint well, paint once
  4. Reputation – choose a company that has experience
  5. Price – one that delivers best value, not just lowest cost
  6. Materials – ensure quality materials are used that will last
  7. Fast production and delivery
  8. Customer service

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