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The Complete Guide to TV Stands

It’s not often these days that you see a TV without a stand being somewhere near it (or indeed underneath!), unless it’s hanging off a wall bracket.  It might seem that any TV can fit on to any stand, however there is actually an art to getting the perfect stand for the size of TV that you have.

There are many different types of stand available and they all do different things.  Some are large, some are small; some are designed to blend the TV into them, others designed to make them stand out.

Some types of TV stand include:


These types of TV stand are usually made out of tempered glass to make it incredibly strong and resistant, as well as scratch proof.  Most glass TV stands are strong and scratch proof.


Wooden TV stands are useful for supporting large TV’s and can come in a variety of sizes from chunky wood through to thin units, each designed to make the TV the centre point of your room.

Bracket Stand

A bracket stand is usually a stand with a couple of shelves with an extendable bracket coming from the top of it to attach the TV.  Having a stand like this will leave space on the top shelf for you to store any other media you may have.

Corner Stand

These types of stand are most commonly manufactured in glass or wood and are exclusively designed to fit in the corner of the room.  The usually have wide fronts and narrow rears which allows the best usage of the corner space.

TV Cabinet

TV Cabinets are most commonly found in wood of all species and finishes.  Some cabinets can have doors at the front, with the television sitting inside the cabinet itself.  Some TV Cabinets also have a section for the TV to be placed, with additional storage ‘boxes’ surrounding it to allow you to store your other media.

These are just 5 of the types of TV stand that are available in the market today, and there are many, many more out there for you to consider when the time calls for it.  If you would like more information on these stands, or would like to look into the other options available to you then you can research online where you will find plentiful supply of information relating to them.

If you have decided which stand you want to go ahead and purchase, or you want a more in – depth look at a particular stand, please visit today where you will find everything you require.

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