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Solving Sleep Problems with the Sleeping Supplement Melatonin

Melatonin is produced naturally by the pineal gland in both men and women. It regulates sleep patterns and trace amounts of this hormone can also be found in high protein foods like red meat, some fruit, vegetable and whole grains.

Melatonin can be used as an effective healthy supplement for insomnia, jet lag or other sleeping disorders so if you are finding it very difficult to sleep and it is affecting your life in a bad way then a supplement such as this can be a very big help.

Are Melatonin Sleep Supplements Safe?

The general consensus is that short term use of melatonin in low doses is perfectly safe but as everyone is different it’s best to check with a physician first .Minors and women who are pregnant or lactating should not embark on a course of Melatonin without seeking expert medical advice .

Possible Side Effects

The common side effects of Melatonin include but are not limited to drowsiness, intense dreaming, lower body temperature, morning sluggishness and slight variations in blood pressure. As a safety precaution you should avoid operating machinery or driving if you experience drowsiness.

Where to buy Melatonin Sleeping Supplements, do you need a Prescription?

You can easily purchase melatonin sleeping supplements at health retailers’ grocers and pharmacies and online at places such as Melatonin UK at competitive prices. Melatonin should ideally be administered in manmade form not from bovine pineal glands which carry the threat of disease but is rarely used.

In summary melatonin sleep supplements can easily relieve sleep disorders if taken for short bouts in controlled doses.

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