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How to Buy the Best 90mm Shower Wastes

The waste is a vital component of a shower tray. It connects the shower tray drainage to the main waste pipe, ensuring water flows freely from the shower. More importantly, it ensures there are no unpleasant odours emanating from the drainage pipe and is needed to quickly drain high quantities of water from the shower.

Why buy a 90mm shower waste?  

Like any shower tray waste trap, a 90mm shower waste is needed for effective drainage. It blocks out bad smells that lie inside of your homes pipes by creating a barrier of water. When the shower is in use, the water from the shower replaces the water in the waste, ensuring it maintains clean and fresh while preventing unpleasant odours.

At 90mm, these are the biggest shower wastes available. Specially designed for newer shower trays, the waste is large to accommodate the amount of water from the shower. After all, modern showers come with incredible water pressure, producing dozens of litres of water every minute.

So, a 90mm shower waste has the capacity to take on higher volumes of water, making it a must for any high-pressure shower systems. These wastes also tend to come with high flow efficiency features to ensure the water is always quickly draining away.

Things to Look for in a 90mm shower waste


The 90mm connection refers to the part of the waste that connects to the shower tray drain. There is also a connection that needs to connect to the waste pipe that drains the water from your home, so ensure this is the right size, with 40mm being the industry standard.


There are many types of 90mm shower waste available, although the best is often the most compact. In the case of most tray showers, a shallow waste with an elbow joint is the best option, being the most compact and easiest to install.


The best 90mm shower wastes come with easy access for cleaning. This is usually in the shape of a top access point, which is easy to open and allows for hair and other blockages to be removed with ease.


While not essential for everyone, you might want to look for a dome that matches the shower tray and general bathroom décor. Chrome is a popular option, but also keep an eye out for vented domes, as these provide even better drainage.

How to get a free 90mm shower waste

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