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Welcome to the Showers page, here is our guide to buying a shower online. This includes lots of electric power and mixer showers from manufacturers such as Triton, Mira, Gainsborough, Creda, Topaz, Thames and many others. There are also lots of other shower products available such as trays, cubicles, heads, enclosures, screens, curtains, doors, pumps and lots of others.

Showers are very popular bathroom appliances as they offer a quick and refreshing washing experience, the most popular shower is the power shower but you can also get mixer showers. Showers are becoming more popular than baths in the UK and that trend is set to continue, this is due to the fact that showering is quicker than bathing and you have a constant supply of clean water rather than sitting in the same water. There are many brands that make showers including Creda, Triton, Gainsborough, Mira, Topaz and Thames.

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The two main types of shower are the electric and the mixer shower. The mixer shower uses cold water from the hot water tank and cold water from the cold water cistern in the loft. The problem with mixer showers is that you need good pressure from the hot and cold water tanks, this is not normally a problem with the cold water as it is usually in the loft but with the hot water the tank is usually at the same level as the shower, they are normally stored in the airing cupboard. If you have the pressure available then a mixer shower is great as it uses less electricity, if not then an electric shower is the best option.

An electric shower does not need access to the hot water tank, all it needs is access to the cold water tank. It uses the cold water and heats it up before passing it through the shower system, with an electric shower pressure is not an issue as most homes already have plenty of pressure on their cold water tanks.

Another great feature available to showers is the power shower, these offer a much stronger jet of water and are very refreshing. Power showers are popular as these offer a stronger supply of water and provide uniform pressure. Power showers are pump driven, the cold water comes from the storage cistern and the hot from the hot water cylinder in the case of mixer showers.

There are also lots of other products that you will need for a shower, these include trays, heads, cubicles, enclosures, curtains, screens, doors, pumps and lots of others. Cubicles, enclosures, doors and screens are all used to keep the water away from the rest of the bathroom, which you will need depends on where your shower is or will be located. Cubicles and enclosures will completely surround the shower offering complete cover, they have a door that is sealed so that no water will escape. Curtains and screens are used when the shower is over a bath and you need to cover just one side of the bath, the other sides will be sealed with the tiles above the bath. The curtain would need a rail running alongside the side of the bath that needs protecting, the curtain then simply hand down on the inside of the bath so that any water that sprays onto the curtain will simply run into the bath. Screens work in a similar way but are solid, they cost more but offer more protection. Shower trays are also great accessories, they offer a place to keep all of your toiletries such as shower gels, shampoos and other products, trays attach to the shower or the cubicle offering convenient access to the tray.

So when buying a shower there are a few things to think about, can you have a mixer shower or will you have to get an electric one and if so do you go for a power shower. Then there is location, depending on where it will be located you will need a cubicle, enclosure, screen or curtain. Then there is the brand, there are lots of manufacturers who make showers including Gainsborough, Triton, Thames, Creda, Mira and Topaz, Triton, Gainsborough and Mira are the most popular. Many shops also offer own brand showers which are great as they are cheaper than the branded showers, some shops also run some cheap special offers so shop around if you are looking for a cheap shower.