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Patio Heaters

Welcome to the Patio Heaters page, this is our guide to buying patio heaters online in the UK including free standing and table top patio heaters which are powered by both gas and electric.

The most popular type of patio heater is the stainless steel patio heater, these look great on the patio and will grace any garden. The most popular method of powering the patio heaters is the gas bottle, these are normally Calor gas bottles which can be purchased at local stores. The advantage of gas bottles is that they are portable and do not require any external power source, this makes placing the heater on the patio very easy. As well as the stainless steel design there also several others, these include a variety of green shades which look nice outdoors. Electric patio heaters are also available but less common, this is generally due to the less convenient methods of powering that are required.

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A good patio heater can generally heat a whole patio, the heat is emitted all of the way around the heater and generally reaches about 5-6 metres, easily enough to cover most patios. Most heaters are adjustable so that you can alter the level of heat that us output, this is great if you do not need such a large area heating and will have you gas or electric. Most patio heaters can also be placed in the centre of a garden table if it has a parasol hole, this is as great way of providing maximum heat as people will usually be located near the table. You can also get table top patio heaters which are allot smaller but still give a good amount of heat, perfect if space is an issue and you have room on your table for a table top heater.

As well as the free standing, stainless steel patio heaters you can also get other types of patio heaters including a chimenea or a fire pit. A chimenea is like a cross between a patio heater and a barbeque, it has a large cooking area and also heats a large range of the garden. A chimenea also looks more traditional than a stainless steel patio heater as it has real flames and generally has a more traditional design. A fire pit (also known as an outdoor fireplace) is a small unit that contains real flames and is designed to heat a smaller area, these are also useful for burning small amounts of waste.

There are a few extras and accessories which need to be considered when buying a patio heater. The first is the gas regulator, this is needed to attach the heater to the gas bottle, this is essential and quite a few patio heaters are sold without a gas regulator. The other main thing to consider is a cover, it’s a very good idea to cover the patio heater when it is not in use and if you are not storing it over the winter then a cover is essential to avoid the heater becoming damaged over the winter months.