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Welcome to the Mattresses page, this is our guide to buying single, double, king size and cot mattresses online in the UK including the Silent night, memory foam and Tempur mattresses.

Buying a mattress online has many advantages, they are large and bulky so getting them delivered is a big bonus, getting a double mattress in your car is not likely! Also many beds do not come with a mattress included, most beds are just the frame unless it is a divan or a bed which clearly has the mattress included, if you are buying a bed online then check this carefully. There are also many instances when your old mattress just does not offer the same support or you fancy buying a new mattress with the new technology available like memory foam and Silent Night so buying a double or king size mattress online is also useful when you are replacing a mattress.

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One of the latest advances in mattress technology is the memory foam mattress, these are mattresses that slowly adjust to your body shape giving an incredibly comfortable nights sleep. They are also better for you as they have far less pressure than the normal spring mattresses, this will help your joints as you sleep. Memory foam is a pressure sensitive or temperature sensitive polyurethane foam that has the ability to compress, but then slowly come back to its original shape after use. There are many advantages using a memory foam mattress and these include relief for all of your pressure points and optimal support for your neck, back, shoulders and legs. Memory foam mattresses will also encourage the optimal anatomical sleeping position and free you from bed sores and all of those niggling aches and pains.

Silent Night mattresses are also very popular, they feature twice the average amount of springs in a mattress giving the correct level of support and no roll off or roll together regardless of weight and size (hence the hippo and small duck in the TV adverts). This system is called the Miracoil system, the Miracoil mattresses have springs of wire that are made from one continuous coil of wire. The continuous Miracoil springs run from the head to the toe of the bed therefore distributing the body weight evenly up and down the bed, not across it and therefore eliminating roll together. The Miracoil springs are also made in a unique figure of eight design which also gives more support, all of these facts mean that a Miracoil will give you and your partner perfect support regardless of your size or weight, the Miracoil mattresses are the best sprung mattresses available.

There are other types or mattress available, the memory foam and Silent Night mattresses mentioned above are mainly available in double and king size sizes. You can buy standard spring mattresses, these are cheaper but do not offer the same support and technology as those offered by the more expensive models. You can also buy single and cot mattresses online, single and cot mattresses are smaller and easier to transport but it can still save time and hassle buying them online, single and cot mattresses are usually more simple than the advanced features offered by double and king size mattresses these days. There is also another product available called a topper, a topper is placed on top of a normal mattress to offer more support or better features, you can get memory foam toppers and well as lots of others. The great thing about toppers is that you can get them for single beds or double beds that are run down and need replacing, doing this is allot cheaper than buying a new mattress

If you are looking for a cheap mattress then you are best off shopping around, allot of the shops run cheap special offers where you can save money, especially the big shops like Argos and Littlewoods. When looking for a cheap mattress you are best off avoiding the new, high technology mattresses like memory foam and Silent Night mattresses as these are generally quite expensive but worth the money for the features offered, you can get cheap mattresses by just looking for the normal sprung mattresses that allot of shops offer.