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Welcome to the Luggage page, this is our guide to buying luggage online such as luggage sets, suitcases, trolley cases, holdalls, flight bags and more from brands such as Antler, Charlton, Everest and many others.

Luggage is essential for any holiday and is used to hold all of your clothing and other items that you will need on the holiday, luggage generally comes in three different types which are suitcases, trolley cases and flight bags. Each type of luggage also come in different sizes so that you can buy a size that suits the amount of clothing and other personal products that you need to take on the holiday, they also come in soft and hard wearing materials. One of the best ways of buying luggage is in sets, these luggage sets usually have a suitcase, trolley case and a flight bag and are cheaper than buying the luggage separately, there are lots of luggage sets available so finding one that suits you should not be a problem. The main brands that supply luggage are Charlton, Antler and Everest although there are many others, many of the shops offer own brand luggage which is cheaper than the branded luggage.

Bestseller No. 1
Samsonite - Aeris Spinner, M (68cm - 64.5L) - Black
317 Reviews
Samsonite - Aeris Spinner, M (68cm - 64.5L) - Black
  • Made of lightweight and robust polypropylene
  • Made of lightweight and robust polypropylene.Made of lightweight and robust polypropylene
  • Dimension(inches):27 x 19 x 11
Bestseller No. 2
Samsonite Dynamo Spinner 55/20 Cabin Luggage, 55 cm, 34 L, Black
4 Reviews
Samsonite Dynamo Spinner 55/20 Cabin Luggage, 55 cm, 34 L, Black
  • Bottom compartment with ribbons and one zipped side pocket.
  • Fixed 3 digit TSA combination lock for secure travel to the USA and to protect your personal belongings.
  • Lightweight and multi-stage monotube pull-handle with push button to adjust comfortably to any size traveller.
  • Top carry handle for easy grip and easy lifting.
  • Two front exterior zipper pockets for your small electronic devices, sunglasses or other items you want to keep secure.
Bestseller No. 3
Antler Suitcase Juno 4-Wheel Case,  Black (Set of 3)
107 Reviews
Antler Suitcase Juno 4-Wheel Case, Black (Set of 3)
  • Tough Polypropylene material
  • Fixed TSA combination lock
  • Lightweight locking trolley system, 360 degree rotating wheels
  • Interior pocket and packing straps
  • 10 Year Warranty
Bestseller No. 4
Kipling - TEAGAN XS - 33 Litres - Black - (Black)
93 Reviews
Kipling - TEAGAN XS - 33 Litres - Black - (Black)
  • Cabin size
  • Double zipped main compartment contains: Packing straps to avoid creasing; Full-length zipped mesh pocket on inside flap
  • Padded top carry handle, side carry handle
  • Retractable multistage wheel handle with blocking button
  • Plastic studs for protection in the upright position
Bestseller No. 5
Samsonite - Aeris Upright, M (65cm - 64.5L) - Black
110 Reviews

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When buying a suitcase or a trolley case there are a few things to look for, the first is the size. You have to consider what you need, you need to be able to fit all of the clothing and personal products that you will need on the holiday into the suitcase or trolley case but you also want the smallest case possible, for this reason it is best to know roughly what size you will need. The sizes are measured in two ways, the capacity of the luggage and the dimensions of the luggage. The capacity is stated in litres and states the amount of space inside the suitcase or trolley bag and the dimensions state the measurements of the suitcase or trolley bag for the height, width and depth. Finding out what size suitcase or trolley bag you need is not easy, the best way is to have an old suitcase that you can use to work out how large your new suitcase needs to be, if you do not have an old suitcase then you could borrow one from a friend or relative or if size is not such an issue you can just guess.

Another feature to look for is the material used for the suitcase or trolley case, there are soft and hard wearing luggage that you can choose from. The hard wearing luggage is better if you have valuables in the luggage, this way valuables are far less likely to be damaged and the luggage is more secure so theft is much less likely. The soft wearing luggage is more flexible so easier to store and is also usually lighter and cheaper, if you are not carrying valuables in the luggage then soft wearing luggage is the best option as it is cheaper.

There are three main types of luggage, the suitcase, trolley case and flight bad. The suitcase is a large case that can hold lots of clothing and personal items, they are rectangular in shape and have a handle in the middle of the suitcase that is used for carrying the suitcase. Some also have wheels at one corner so that the suitcase can be dragged along on its wheels instead of being carried, they also usually have locks so that your clothing and other items remain secure. There are many brands that offer luggage including Everest, Antler and Charlton, Antler are the most popular and offer the most luggage options.

Trolley cases are like suitcases but have wheels in a different place and have a large handle so that they can be dragged better, the trolley cases are easier to move than suitcases. You can also get roller cases that have more wheels than the trolley cases, the roller cases have four wheels so can be moved very easily.

The other type of luggage is the flight bag, these are small bags that you take onto the flight or other type of transport in which you hold personal items that you will need while traveling, flight bags are not always needed but they can be useful if you wish to take many personal items on your travels. There are also other types of luggage such as the wash bag and the holdall, holdalls are large bags that are flexible and offer large storage space.

The best way of buying luggage is in a set, these luggage sets offer lots of luggage at cheap prices when compared to buying the luggage separately. The luggage sets usually have between three and six pieces which include suitcases, trolley cases, holdalls, flight bags and wash bags, some also include more than one suitcase or trolley bag so that there is enough storage space for more than one person. There are many brands that offer these cheap luggage sets and they include Charlton, Everest and Antler, if you are looking for cheap luggage sets then it’s best to have a good shop around as many of the shops offer cheap luggage and also often have cheap special offers and deals.