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Welcome to the Home Security page, this is our guide to buying home security products online such as burglar alarms, security lighting and CCTV equipment. For great home security products see Q-See who have a fantastic range.

Home security is a very serious concern for most home owners so there are lots of products that you can buy online that will make your house more secure. The three main types of home security equipment are security lighting, the burglar alarm and the CCTV equipment, they provide a very good deterrent to burglars and can also help catch burglars if they do break into your house. If all three types of home security are installed then it makes it much less likely that you will be broken into, these devices provide such a good deterrent and if they are all used together make it very hard for the burglar.

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You should not forget the basic security of your house though, these security devices will help deter criminals but you should always make sure your house is as secure as possible. Make sure you have good locks on all doors and windows and do not leave any windows open when you leave the house, also do not leave valuables where they can be seen or near doors and windows where the criminal can just break the glass and take the visible valuable.

Most security kits that you buy online need to be installed, if you are good at DIY then this should not be a problem but otherwise professional installation would be better, it depends on the equipment though as some are more hard to install than others.

The most basic type of home security equipment is the security light, this is a simple outdoor light that is attached to a wall that will come on when it detects movement. Burglars like the dark so a flood of light around the house is a good deterrent, security lights are also cheap so you can position a few around the house easily. There are a few features to look out for with the security lights, the first is the detection range. This is usually measured in metres so you have to think about how far you would want movement to be detected, most models offer at least 10 metres though which is usually enough. The detection angle is also important, this is the width of the area that the security light can detect movement. So if the security light had a detection angle of 90° then it would be able to detect movement in one quarter of its circumference, the wider the viewing angle the more movement it will be able to detect to either side of the security light. The detection angle you need depends on where you are going to be placing the security light, in a narrow path you only need a small angle but if the light is out in the open, say at the front of your house, then a large detection angle would be better.

The next type of security equipment is the burglar alarm, again this is mostly for deterrent but it will alert people if you are broken into. Most burglar alarms have PIR sensors which stands for Passive Infra Red, these sensors can detect movement and thus set off the burglar alarm. Most burglar alarms also have a unit on the outside of the house for deterrent, the other unit provided by most alarms is an inside control panel where you can disable or enable the alarm. Some alarms can also dial a telephone number if the alarm is activated, you will need the alarm to be connected to the telephone line but this offers great piece of mind as if there is a break in you can take immediate action.

The other type of home security equipment is the CCTV camera, these CCTV cameras are great as they provide a high deterrent and can also help catch the criminal if you are broken into. They also monitor large areas so if your car is stolen they can also help find who was responsible, CCTV camera kits come in lots of different sizes ranging from single cameras to sets with multiple cameras and advanced controls. Most CCTV cameras connect to your video recorder or PC so that you can view and record what is being seen on the camera, most CCTV cameras have options to automatically record once movement has been detected or to even switch your TV channel over to the CCTV camera if movement is detected. There are quite a few features to look out for with the CCTV cameras, the first is the quality of the recordings. Some record in black and white whereas others record in colour, the colour CCTV cameras offer better quality but do need additional lighting for good night time vision. Some CCTV cameras can even be moved remotely so that you can move the camera to view an area you cannot see, some also allow you speak to people outside using an intercom system. The other important aspect of CCTV systems is the cable, the length of the cable is important as you need to work out how much you will need, some are wireless though so these are much better as you do not have to worry about the cables.

So if you are looking for home security products then there are a few choices, security lights, burglar alarms and CCTV systems are all very much recommended, the more you use the more deterrent is provided. If you are looking for cheap home security products then have a good shop around, there are many shops selling cheap home security equipment and they also often have cheap special offers and deals, remember though that while value is important it is still worth getting quality equipment as the security of your house is very important.