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Garden Furniture

Welcome to the Garden Furniture page, here we have a guide to outdoor garden furniture including hardwood, wooden, teak, metal, cast iron, plastic and many other types of garden furniture. We also cover many types, these include tables, chairs, benches, loungers, hammocks, parasols, gazebos, patio heaters and much more.

The most common type of garden furniture is the table and chairs set, you can purchase sets of tables and chairs in all kinds of material, shape, design and quantity. With garden tables you can choose from round, square or rectangular tables and they are available in wood, teak, hardwood, metal, plastic, and many other materials. The chairs also come in these materials but are lass varied in shape, they generally match the design of the table. Buying a set of patio garden tables and chairs is generally a good idea as the majority of garden tables and chairs are sold in sets and a set generally offers greater value for money. When choosing a material for the furniture you have to consider maintenance as well as the design and comfort aspects, wooden furniture will need treating and storage in the winter whereas the metal and plastic varieties are more hardy. In the end it comes down to what you want, if you prefer wooden garden furniture then you just have to keep in mind that you will have to treat the furniture and store it well in winter. Parasols are also a very popular addition to a garden table, a parasol offers shade from the sun in hot conditions and they also look very nice.

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Another popular piece of garden furniture is the garden bench, these come in similar materials to the table and chairs, these being wooden, hardwood, teak, metal, plastic and many others. The same considerations have to be taken into account with the garden benches too, the wooden variety’s will need to be treated fairly regularly. One thing to take account with a bench is it’s size and where you are going to place the bench as they are usually places in more out of the way locations, also make sure that you have a suitable flooring for the bench as wooden benches are best on solid ground.

Patio heaters are very common in the UK, when the weather turns cool in the evenings or when Autumn approaches patio heaters are great for extending your stay out doors. Patio heaters can generally cover quite a large area, a diameter of 6 metres is quite common. Patio heaters are generally powered by gas, the gas being stored in a Calor gas bottle so this will need re-filling, this gives the heaters more manoeuvrability though and means having mo wires strewn across the patio or garden.

There are also many other types of garden furniture, these include gazebos which are garden shelters. Gazebos generally have a canvas top and are square with a leg in each corner, they offer excellent shelter in summer and also look very good. Hammocks are also a very popular garden accessories, there’s nothing like relaxing in the summer on a hammock with a good book, very relaxing! Hammocks that you buy generally have a stand which supports the hammock, these are generally wooden or metal. Sun loungers are also very popular, they come in all shapes and sizes with wooden variety’s and also metal, folding models. Sun loungers are great for those sunny days in the garden and can generally be stored in your shed, most fold to save space and come with cushions that can be removed, also saving space.

The other piece of garden furniture that we have to mention is the barbeque, summer simply would not be the same without a barbeque with family and friends. Barbecues come in a variety of shapes and sizes, you can get traditional charcoal barbeques that have real flames and offer that traditional smoked taste of you can get a gas powered barbeque which is easier to use, clean and offers a more stable cooking experience.