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Welcome to the Chainsaws page, chainsaws are used for cutting through wood and are available from many top brands such as Black And Decker, Bosch, JCB, Mcculloch, Stihl and many others.

Chainsaws are very powerful and so make short work of almost any wood and so are great for felling frees or cutting off branches or foliage. The chainsaws can have either a petrol or electric engine and both are very useful, the petrol chainsaws are more powerful and easier to move with though as there is no cable and so they are often preferred but they do require fueling.

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There are also lots of features to look for when you buy a chainsaw. A fast kick back brake will add to the safety of the chainsaw and the chainsaws that have automatic oiling are also easier to look after. The other main thing to look for is the power and speed of the motor as this will dictate how well the chainsaw cuts and if you are likely to be facing very think and tough wood then choose a chainsaw with a powerful motor.

On this page we have an excellent range of chainsaws that we have found at the top online shops and we have also ordered them with the cheapest first which makes it really easy for you to buy a cheap chainsaw online.