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A Guide to Umbra Photo Frames

Holding dear all those photos of family members or places of special interest you have visited should be positioned within the living quarters of your home as standard. Just about every home you see these days has photos or a collage of photographs mounted on a shelf for friends, visitors and family members to enjoy.

Displaying photo frames within the living areas of your home is often associated with years gone by, but with Umbra photo frames now freely available through websites like Contemporary Heaven, you can display those wonderful images in a stunning and creative way.

Umbra photo frames are contemporary and come in many different designs. The multi-photo wall display is made from natural wood and hangs up on your wall with many different dimensions for photos that have been printed in certain sizes.

By the way, it is very easy to resize your prints so that each photograph fits perfectly within the varying frames sizes of your umbra product. You will need to read the small paperwork that comes with your umbra photo frame and it will tell you all the dimensions you need to know.

The umbra edge photo wall display frame, for example, holds 11 of your favourite images. All you need to do is to visit a photo or print service online and order the images to be sized accordingly. The photo frames can be mounted horizontally or vertically – just remember when resizing your images that you take this into consideration.

Among the more popular umbra photo frames is the circular-shaped Luna Photographic White Art Display cabinet. It holds nine photos, all of which are at the same dimension of 4” x 6”. This makes the task of resizing your photos to fit all the more easier.

Another popular design in the desktop freestanding photo display unit. This is ideal for the workplace where you place the unit on your desk or in your hotel room, if you are a travelling businessperson.

This display unit is very eye-catching and is popular for those who don’t want the bother of hanging something up on the wall. The display looks very good on the mantelpiece or on a shelf in your kitchen or bedroom.

The popular display unit means you can easily remove, replace or re-arrange your photos as you wish. Umbra photo frames are made from a range of materials, mostly chrome, nickel or aged walnut.

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