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A guide to Hybrid Commuter Bikes

If you’ve been taking note of trends in cycling in recent years, you’ll know how it’s an extremely popular market with ‘revolutionary’  innovations seemingly appearing each week.  With this in mind, we’ve drawn up a guide to Hybrid & Commuter bikes to help you look at two of the most popular type of bikes around today.

What is the difference between a Hybrid and a Commuter bike though?

Commuter bikes are really aimed at riders who will only ride on the road, and are also known as road bikes or roadsters. Sometimes road bicycles are not considered hardy or durable for heavy use, but generally are quick and light.

Mountain bikes are built to be tough and last, but can be more physically intensive to ride if only used on roads.

A Hybrid bike is basically a combination these two types of bikes – a mountain bike and a road (commuter) bike.

Road bikes are often built with flat handlebars (as opposed to dropped bars on mountain bikes), and hybrid bicycles build on this feature in entry level models. As hybrid bikes move up their model range, dropped handlebars become more of a feature.

Hybrid bikes are generally made of lighter materials than mountain bikes and are focussed on speed, and generally better suspension, brakes and handling than normal road bikes.

For example, if one was to ride over a pothole on a road bike, it’s likely the rider will feel the jolt and have little cushioning. Compare this to a hybrid bike, which will perhaps have better (bigger, or more rounded) tyres and suspension (perhaps even a carbon fibre fork).

Commuter bikes have become more popular in recent years as more people look to cycle to work rather than drive or use public transport. Rather than use a mountain bike, roadsters – some of which are very basic, such as limited amount of gears) – whilst popular, are still a bit of a slog for daily use.

Consequently, more cyclists are looking to invest in hybrid bikes with their increased comfort, efficiency and safety, as well as being more sturdy in the long run (i.e. lasting longer!).

If one was to look at a well-stocked bike store such as Bikes or Bicycle it’s easy to see the wide range of commuter and hybrid bikes.

Whilst some bikes are aimed at low-mileage or irregular users, increased specifications bring better build quality and safety features, all with efficiency and speed improvements too.

When buying a commuter bike, it’s well worth consider spending the extra money for a hybrid as the bike will be more comfortable, more easier to use and last longer than a road bike, so it’s a sound investment,

Whatever you do, don’t be lured into a false economy of choosing a heavier, cheaper road bike to save money, as it won’t be longer before you’re huffing and puffing and wishing you invested in a hybrid commuter bike.

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