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A Guide to Up and Coming Online Bingo Trends

The meteoric rise in popularity of online bingo is nothing short of astounding. Established bookmakers and brand new companies are entering the arena, seemingly, on a daily basis.

Gameplay has become more and more innovative and entertaining as websites continue to evolve with glitzy graphics, slick interfaces and clever enticing customer ‘hooks’.

Online bingo companies constantly monitor developments and trends within the industry; there’s always a plethora of research and statistics to draw upon.

  • A good example as to what’s currently trending

Current trends in the online bingo world can best be appreciated by simply taking a look at a successful and highly regarded website; one such as Lucky Cow Bingo. Here you’ll immediately get a feel for how the game has evolved and an indication as to how it will continue to develop.

I will use Lucky Cow as a point of reference from hereon.

  • Bingo on the go!

The majority of online bingo players access sites via their laptops, tablets and desk top computers. There has, however, been a big shift towards the phenomena that is … the smartphone!

With the advent of smartphone apps the market opportunities for bingo companies has expanded greatly in the past twelve months. Seemingly, everyone has a smartphone; whether they need one or not.

Successful companies will have registered this trend and made moves into the market space. It makes good business sense for companies to expand into the ‘bingo on the go’ trend. Supply and demand will no doubt serve to fuel even greater investment in this area of online play.

  • Bonuses

Research has shown that more and more people are attracted to sites that offer bonuses and rewards for their players to enjoy.

Successful companies, such as Lucky Cow Bingo, strive to keep these rewards refreshed and varied. In the case of Lucky Cow, their site offers customers numerous free spins on the ‘prize wheel’, along with any array of other freebies.

This trend of ‘encouragement’ through reward is set to continue, after all, who doesn’t like a freebie?

  • Targeted audience

Initially most gaming sites, rather short-sightedly as it turns out, targeted men. The emphasis has changed dramatically as more and more women take to the pleasures of online bingo.

There are games specifically designed to appeal to women, and even whole sites dedicated to this cause.

Furthermore, bingo also appeals as a game the whole family can enjoy. Therefore, the trend towards broader targeting will probably intensify and continue.

  • Bingo community

Building a sense of ‘community’, by creating a platform whereby players can interact with one another, is a trend that is likely to evolve at a pace. Specific blog sites, along with Facebook and Twitter posts, are actively encouraged and indeed promoted by all good online bingo sites.

Lucky Cow Bingo is no exception, their social media is extremely active with chat, advice and forthcoming initiatives. Blogs, Facebook and Twitter posts provides the perfect platform for friendly and convivial interaction.

  • In conclusion

There will continue to be a trend towards technological advancement of bingo gameplay. Indeed, virtual reality gaming is already a reality; waiting in the wings eager to explode onto our smartphones and computers.

Online bingo takes an ongoing innovative approach to entertainment. It’s exhilarating fun with a chance of substantial reward.

Now is a great time to join in the fun!

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