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A Guide to Choosing a Cat Bed Online

Did you know that a cat sleeps longer than your average teenager! Unlike your average teenager, cats are laid back, stress free creatures that enjoy a modicum of independence; however they do have a particular penchant for sleeping, indeed, it’s what they do best.

A cat needs love, attention, food and, most importantly, a comfy bed; preferably not your bed, your sofa nor your favourite coat, give your cat its very own cosy bed.

So, what should you look for when choosing a bed for your feline friend?

  • First and foremost, find a reputable online company that has an easy to navigate, informative website.

Look for a company that has a good trading record, offers a range of options, sound advice, and an efficient service; there are quite a few available, such as, the Kitty Kit Company. See their excellent range of cat beds by clicking on … Well worth a visit.

  • It’s important to choose a bed with a removable, washable cover.

The reasons? Well, firstly, being as tactful as I can; cats do tend to get out and about, and sometimes they can pick up uninvited hitch-hiking critters, maybe the odd harmless flea or two … although overall cats are meticulously clean animals.

Furthermore, a cat’s coat does tend to moult and will leave a mess in their bed.

Remove and wash the cover periodically; making sure you never, ever, disturb a sleeping cat!

  • Preferably, choose a bed made from natural materials such as cotton or wool.

These will provide kitty with a toasty, perrrrfectly blissful sleep environment. What’s more it’s unlikely that your cat will pick up any allergies from natural bedding.

It’s, also, highly likely, that you’ll have difficulty prizing Tiddles out of bed!

  • Choose a bed that’s an adequate size.

Now, this is where you’ll need an obedient cat, because you’re going to have to measure him (or her) from head to bottom – no not the whole tail. We can’t have him cramped-up like a cat contortionist; measure, add a few inches and buy one with suitable dimensions. He should then be able to turn round without banging his head ever time.

  • Choose a bed to suit your cat’s natural sleeping conditions.

Cat’s, as with humans, do like to sleep in different positions and environments. If, for example, your cat chooses to sleep under your bed, perhaps with your husband, then that’s the environment he’s most comfortable with. Therefore choose a bed that’ll provide him with that reassuring cover; a cave style design perhaps.

There are other options, open-cup designs suited to accommodate cats that prefer the old curled-up into a ball technique.

Many cats prefer to kip up high, away from floor level.

I’m sure you’ll know what’s best for your pussy.

  • Choose a bed your cat can easily get in and out of

Now, for all I know, your cat could have a wooden leg, or perhaps the poor chap’s getting on a bit; make sure you choose a bed with a scalable access point. This applies, especially, if your cat’s a kitten.

  • Pamper your cat

And why not! You can find cat beds with those little extras, a heated bed for example; sounds daft perhaps, but could provide particular comfort for injured or aching bones and muscle.

TV and Sky dishes are also optional extras.

And, one final note, situate the bed in a location approved by your cat, this will usually be in a sunny position; as if he’ll need any more heat! What with the electric blanket!

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