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Greetings Cards

Welcome to the Greetings Cards page, cards are a gift that are bought very often as there are so many occasions that require a card.

Buying cards online is very worthwhile as you have a much larger selection than in the local shops. Shops like Sharpcards have a huge selection to choose from which cover every occasion and you just have to buy them a bit in advance so that you receive them in time to send to the person you are giving the card.

There are also excellent online sites that allow you to personalise your card and these are wonderful as a personalised card is much more special than a standard card. With personalised greetings cards you can choose your own picture for the front and the message that is printed on the inside of the card, the best web site for personalised greetings cards is Moonpig so check them out if you would like to personalise a greetings card.

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Waddingtons No. 1 Playing Cards Twin Pack (Red/ Blue)
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Waddingtons No. 1 Playing Cards Twin Pack (Red/ Blue)
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Waddingtons 'Number 1' Playing Cards (Colours may vary)
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Waddingtons "Number 1" Playing Cards (Colours may vary)
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Bicycle Standard Index Playing Cards - Pack of 2
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Bicycle Standard Index Playing Cards - Pack of 2
  • 1 Blue and 1 Red Deck
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  • Quality playing cards from Bicycle
  • Long lasting
  • Easy Shuffling
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Cartamundi Royal Flush Standard Playing Cards (Pack of 3, Red/White/Blue)
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Cartamundi Royal Flush Standard Playing Cards (Pack of 3, Red/White/Blue)
  • Royal Flush Standard Playing Cards
  • Standard Card Faces
  • High quality - Linen finish
  • Pack of 3 (Mixture of Red & Blue Decks)
  • Long lasting & easy to Shuffle
Bestseller No. 5
Tallon Games Plastic Coated Playing Cards
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Tallon Games Plastic Coated Playing Cards
  • Standard size
  • Security sealed
  • Plastic coated
  • Poker, Blackjack, Solitaire
  • Tallon

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Greetings cards are very popular gifts that are used to send messages of good will, there are lots of different designs and themes available as greetings cards are used for so many occasions, some are for happy events and others are for comforting those that have had bad news. The style of the cards also vary for the person you are buying the greetings card, children’s cards are brighter and more colourful and there are also cards for men and women with the women’s cards featuring more floral designs. Funny cards are also very popular, you can get greetings cards with all kinds of funny jokes and slogans, these funny cards are very popular with young people and children (depending on the content of the card). There are many different types of greeting card available including Christmas, birthday, good luck, get well soon, fathers day, anniversary, mothers day, new baby, engagement, wedding and many other types of greeting card.

Birthday cards are probably the most frequently purchased greetings card purchased in the UK, birthdays happen all year round so there are lots of times that birthday cards need to be purchased. There are many types of birthday card that you can buy online, the most popular are the funny birthday cards and you can also get lots of other birthday cards such as scenic and traditional cards. There are also children’s birthday cards that feature popular children’s characters and colourful, bright designs, lots of children’s birthday cards also have badges that children love to wear.

Christmas cards are a very popular type of greeting card, they are only needed once per year but people tend to send lots of Christmas cards at Christmas unlike most other types of greetings cards. Christmas cards can be purchased in multi packs or they can be purchased separately, the Christmas cards that are purchased separately generally come with lots of cards but only a few designs so you will get lots of Christmas cards with the same design. This is not usually a problem though as the Christmas cards are sent to different people and the cards are much cheaper than buying them separately, buying the Christmas cards separately does give a better quality and the ability to pick Christmas cards for specific people so is often done for close family and friends. The Christmas card multi packs are the most popular though as they are cheap and can be used next Christmas if you have any left over, many of the multi pack Christmas cards are also made by popular charities which are very popular.

There are also many other types of greetings card, almost any special occasion can can be marked with a greeting card. Mothers and fathers day are very popular events that are celebrated by families all over the UK, mothers and fathers day cards are available from lots of online greeting card shops. Then there are also other special events that can occur at any time such as an engagement, wedding or new baby, you can also buy anniversary cards to mark these events each year. There are also greetings cards for sad occasions where loved ones may need comforting or cheering up, these include funeral and get well soon cards.

If you are looking for cheap greetings cards then the best bet is to go for the large multi packs, these are most popular with Christmas cards but are available with other types of greeting card. Some online card shops also offer cheap single greetings cards, with cards though it comes down to the design and quality more than the price and if you see a card that you like you will often not find it elsewhere. So when buying greetings cards online there are lots of choices, the most popular types of greeting cards are birthday, new baby, Christmas, good luck, fathers day, anniversary, mothers day, get well soon, engagement, wedding and others.