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Welcome to the Flowers page, this is our guide to buying flowers online which includes flower delivery all over the UK and features romantic, beautiful flowers such as bouquets and arrangements for occasions such as a wedding, funeral, birthday, anniversary, engagement or just to show someone that you love or care for them.

Flowers are one of the most popular and romantic gifts given in the UK, they are sold in flower shops, supermarkets and even petrol stations all over the UK. There are also many online flower shops though and they offer a great flower buying service, they usually have a selection of fresh flowers that is as good as the specialist flower shops and can deliver the flowers to your home very quickly, some can deliver the flowers the same day. You can also send flowers anywhere in the UK with a personal message, this is easier and quicker than having the flowers delivered to your home. Buying flowers online is also very easy, you do not have to leave your home and lots of the web sites explain which flowers to buy for certain occasions, some have detailed searches where you can enter the type of person that you are buying the flowers for and the occasion and it will return a list of suitable flowers.

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Buying the flowers online is very simple, you choose whether you want the flowers delivered to your home or if you want to send them directly to the person you are buying the flowers for. If you choose to send them to the person directly then you can choose a personal message, if you have the flowers delivered to your home then you can write the personal message yourself. It is then just like buying anything else online, you choose your flowers and then enter your payment information, the flowers will then be sent to you or the person you are buying for. Most online flower shops also offer the very best fresh flowers and offer a guarantee that they will last for at least a week, if you send a loved one flowers you need to know that they are fresh and will last so look for a guarantee before you send the flowers.

There are many occasions that you could buy flowers for, popular ones include a wedding, birthday, funeral, anniversary, new baby, engagement and many others, the most popular reason for sending flowers though is just to show that you love or care for someone as flowers are a great romantic gift. The style and colour of the flowers will vary depending on the occasion, happy occasions such as birthdays, engagement, new baby, anniversaries and weddings will be bright and colourful whereas sad occasions like funerals will have flowers that are more respectful.

Flowers also come in different arrangements, there are bouquets, planted arrangements, vase arrangements and plants, bouquets are the most popular. You can send any of these easily online, if you know someone who needs cheering up then sending them flowers is a lovely gesture.

There are also many types of flowers that you can buy online, roses are very popular along with tropical flowers, lilies, orchids, curcumas, gerberas, freesias and many others. Flower bouquets and arrangements that you buy are delicately prepared so that they contain flower varieties and colours that look beautiful together, you will often see bouquets and arrangements with lots of different types of flower.

Roses are the ultimate romantic gift, there is no flower that has the same impact as roses and when you buy fresh roses in a beautiful bouquet they look simply stunning. There are many colours of rose available and most can be purchased in bouquets online and sent to loved ones, the favourite is red roses as they are associated with romance and passion. White and yellow roses are also popular, white roses symbolise love whereas yellow roses are associated with friendship, if love is in the air then go for white roses but if it’s love at first sight then red roses are the only option.

There are also lots of other popular types of flower, they include the curcumas which has lush, dense foliage, curcumas also last a long time so offer better value. Gerberas and freesias are also very popular and are light hearted with well defined petals, curcumas, freesias and gerberas all come in a wide selection of colours so there are plenty to choose from. Lilies are also very popular as they are simple yet beautiful, lilies tend to be either.