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Welcome to the Experience Days page, this is our guide to buying experiences such as activity days doing such activities as driving, flying, sailing, diving, pampering days, makeovers, helicopter flying, zorbing, monster truck driving, climbing, sky diving, parachute jumping, hot air ballooning, gliding, white water rafting, kayaking, spa days and much more.

Experience days are exciting gifts that allow the recipient to carry out an activity that is very unusual and very exciting. These experiences come in all kinds of categories so you should be able to find something for almost anyone, these experience gifts are also very original so they are great for when you cannot think of a gift for someone. These experience gifts are also great for active people, if you know someone who is very active and loves adrenaline rushes then these experiences are a great choice. The activity experiences that you can buy include categories such as driving, sailing, kayaking, flying, diving, zorbing, pampering days, white water rafting, hot air ballooning climbing, monster truck driving, helicopter flying, sky diving, gliding, parachute jumping, spa days and more.

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Driving is one of the most popular activity days that you can buy and is very popular with men, if you have a male friend or family member that is hard to buy gifts for then a driving experience would be great (as long as they can drive!). The range of driving experiences is great, popular versions include rally driving and Ferrari driving, there are also lots of other super cars, motor bikes, off road driving and much more available. The Ferrari driving alone has lots of options available as there are so many venues in the UK offering Ferrari driving, the prices vary depending on the type of Ferrari that can be driven and the amount of time that can be spent driving the Ferrari There are also often extras thrown in such as the ability to drive another type of car or to be a passenger with a professional racing driver, most driving experience gifts also provide a nice gift pack that you can give as the gift. There are also lots of other super cars that can be driven on activity days, these include the Porsche, Lotus Elise, Lamborghini Diablo, Corvette and many others, some driving activity days offer a selection of different super cars.

Rally driving is also a very popular driving activity day, rally driving offers lots of excitement that any driver will love. There are many venues that offer rally driving experience days and rally cars that you can drive, they include the Subaru Impreza, Mitsubishi Evolution, Peugeot 206, Diahatsu Rally Car, Ford Focus and many others. The Subaru Impreza and Mitsubishi Evolution are very fast rally cars which have turbo charged engines making them great for rallying, the sheer power of these cars will blow the mind of most drivers and so make great choices for any driving fan. The Subaru Impreza and Mitsubishi Evolution cars used on these driving activity days are also professional rally cars, they are not like the standard Subaru Impreza and Mitsubishi Evolution cars that are driven on the normal UK roads, those cars are fast not not as fast as the proper rally cars.

Flying is also a very popular type of activity day gift, these involve flying craft such as small airplanes, helicopters and hot air balloons. The flying in small airplanes varies between having an actual flying lesson or being flown in a small aircraft over certain locations, both offer great views and excitement with the lessons offing more of a thrill. For the flying lessons the gift recipient can actually fly the plane once they have learnt all of the controls, if they are not comfortable with this at any time then the trained pilot can take over. There are also other types of flying experience that you can buy, these include gliding and microlight flying, these are similar to flying the small aircraft but use different methods of flying.

As well as flying there are also other activity day gifts that require great altitudes, these include parachute jumping and sky diving. With parachute jumping you can buy gifts where the recipient jumps alone or with an instructor, parachute jumping offers a huge adrenaline rush and spectacular views for miles. Sky diving offers much more adrenaline though as the parachute is not deployed for much longer so that the person free falls for quite some time, these are only available with qualified instructors so are perfectly safe. Parachute jumping and sky diving are the perfect gift for the thrill seeker, if you know someone that loves adrenaline and thrills then sky diving or parachute jumping make great gifts with activity days.

If you are looking for more relaxing types of experience gifts then there are also lots available which include pampering days, makeovers, spa days, family days out, fishing days, steam train rides and lots more. Pampering days, spa days and makeovers are very popular among women and are the ideal gift for any woman to unwind and relax, they offer beauty treatments, massages and lots of other relaxing therapies, the makeovers usually offer a complete styling and photo shoot which women will love. So if you know a lady who is in need of being pampered then these pampering activity day experiences are a great choice, she will come back completely relaxed and feeling great.

There are also lots of activities that can be purchased online what involve sailing, these include sailing boats, white water rafting and kayaking. The sailing boats and kayaking involve sailing on yachts, kayaks and power boats, they all have trained instructors and often allow the gift recipient to sail the boat themselves. The white water rafting offers a mush greater adrenaline rush and excitement as it offers faster sailing on water that is rough and fast flowing, white water rafting is a very popular activity day experience due to the thrill of riding those waters.

There are also other relaxing experiences that you can buy online, these include steam train rides and driving, fishing days, golf days, London Eye rides, cookery courses and much more. These are great for people who like to relax for the day, golf and fishing days are very popular among men and the steam train rides are also very popular choices for older men or couples, you can also buy steam train driving experiences which steam train fans will love. There are also lots of other relaxing days out that you can buy online which are suitable for all of the family, they include concerts, sporting events, nature watching and lots more. There are also some experiences that you can buy that are weird and wonderful, you can go zorbing which involves entering a huge cushioned, transparent ball and rolling down a huge hill inside of it, zorbing really does offer something different and is sure to make your head spin!

So there are lots of choices available when buying experiences and activity days as a gift for loved ones, family of friends. If you know someone who is hard to buy for or you are short of gift ideas then these experiences are a great choice, they are very original and offer lots of excitement and fun. The selection of experience gifts that you can buy online include driving, sailing, kayaking, sky diving, diving, makeovers, gliding, helicopter flying, hot air ballooning, zorbing, parachute jumping, monster truck driving, climbing, white water rafting, pampering days, flying, spa days and lots of other.