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Birthday Gifts

Welcome to the Birthday Gifts page, this is our guide to buying birthday gifts and includes gift ideas for men, women, teenagers and kids.

Birthday gifts are the most frequently purchased gift, this is because there are several per year that most people have to buy and people with large families and lots of close friends may have to buy several per month. Birthday presents can also be the hardest gift to buy, it is easy to buy for kids but the older people get the harder it seems to be to buy them gifts. The good thing about buying birthday gifts online is that there is a huge choice, there are lots of web sites that sell birthday presents and offer gift ideas so you can browse though what they offer until you find something suitable. As well as the shops that specifically sell gifts you can also try the general shops such as the department stores, many of these shops sell products that are suitable as gifts as the gift you buy depends on the person you are buying for, they may prefer some home furnishings or some sporting equipment so any online shop can be suitable for buying birthday gifts. The gift shops are great though if you need a gift idea as they offer a great selection of gift ideas and offer lots of gifts that you may have not thought of.

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Children are generally considered the easiest people to buy birthday presents for, they are not very fussy and often like a certain brand like Barbie, Bratz, The Power Rangers, Lego or The Simpsons, if this is the case all you have to do is buy a toy or product from that range and the child will usually be happy, if the child is not yours then it is a good idea to check with the parents to see if the child already has that toy. When buying birthday presents for children you are often best looking at the toy shops and shops that sell toys as well as other products, shops like Argos and Woolworths have great web sites where you can find a huge selection of toys for kids. We have a large selection of web sites that sell products for children in our children’s section, you can visit our children’s section by using the menu on the left.

Teenagers are a little more difficult to buy for, they are tired of toys and never seem to know what they want. For boys DVD’s, CD’s and video games and gadgets are always popular, you simply have to find out what music they like or what games console they own and then buy accordingly. With the gadgets there are lots of gadget shops online (see our Cool Stuff section) that offer a wide range of gadgets that most teenage boys will love, with teenagers generally the weirder and wackier the gadget is the more it will be appreciated. Boys also like products like skateboards and bikes, these are also great as they encourage active use. For girls fashion is normally the main thing they want for their birthday, there are lots of shops online that offer fashion (see our fashion section) but it is always best to check what she wants first. Girls also like CD’s so if you know what she likes then you could buy her a CD, if you are looking for cheaper gifts then accessories and jewellery are also good choices. There are also products that are popular with both boys and girls, these include small electronics such as mobile phones and MP3 players, you can buy mobile phones and MP3 players quite cheaply these days so they make a good option for a birthday gift for teenagers.

Men are also quite hard to buy for, they never seem bothered about their birthday and it can be hard to work out what they want. So when buying a birthday gift for a man then the more unusual the gift the better, things like gadgets and activity days are great choices as they are very unusual and the man will be very unlikely to already have the product. For the activity days you can buy all kinds of experiences such as Ferrari driving, Rally driving, white water rafting, SAS survival days, zorbing (rolling down a hill in a huge, transparent ball), flying and many others, to see the shops that sell these activity days see our Experience Days section. Gadgets are also popular as they are unusual and fun to use, they usually offer very little practical use but are fun and funny to use. Men also usually like DVD’s and CD’s, simply find out what kind of music or film they like and you can easily buy him a CD or DVD.

Women are slightly easier to buy for as there is more to choose from, what you buy her will depend on what kind of relationship you have with her. If the woman is your wife or girlfriend then there are lots of romantic options such as flowers, lingerie, weekends away, jewellery, perfume and many others, you will know her well so will be in a good position to know what she likes and buy accordingly. If you are a friend or family member of the woman then you can buy some of those products but on a less personal level, for instance you can easily buy perfume, flowers, chocolates or jewellery but may have to find out what she likes first and buy less personal products.

So when buying birthday gifts there are lots of choices, you can buy gifts online for men, women, teenagers and children and there is a huge selection of gift shops available. If you are short of gift ideas then lots of the gift shops have excellent selections and gift ideas for you to look at, shops like the gadget and activity day shops offer such unusual products that they make great ideas for presents.