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Vacuum Cleaners

Welcome to the Vacuum Cleaners page, here we have a guide to buying a vacuum cleaner online, these include upright, cylinder and bagless cleaners like the Dyson vacuum cleaner and other models such as the Electrolux, Henry, Dirt Devil, Miele, Kirby, Bosch, Black and Decker, Hoover and Panasonic vacuum cleaners.

Vacuum Cleaners are an essential domestic tool, without them the floors of our homes would be very unpleasant. There are many different types of vacuum cleaner, these include the upright models and the cylinder based models which are bagless, these bagless vacuum cleaners are the most popular. This is because they are so much easier to use, you do not need to buy new bags when the vacuum cleaner is full and they are very easy to empty, it’s normally just a matter of removing the cylinder that holds the dirt and tipping it into your dustbin. The cylinder vacuum cleaner was invented by James Dyson, the founder of the Dyson vacuum cleaners company. A cylinder vacuum cleaner works by sending the air stream through one or more cylinders, along a high-speed spiral path. As the air stream shoots around in a spiral, all of the dirt particles experience a powerful centrifugal force so they are whipped outward, away from the air stream. In this way, the dirt is extracted from the air without the need for any kind of filter, it simply collects at the bottom of the cylinder. This is what has made Dyson and other bagless vacuum cleaners so popular, you can still buy bagged vacuum cleaners but we can’t think why anyone would with all of the advantages of a bagless vacuum cleaner.

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Dyson are the most popular manufacturer of bagless vacuum cleaners and offer a huge range of products. With the upright vacuum cleaners they have lots of models which all have specialist features, for example if you have pets they have a special model called the Animal which is designed to pick up pet hair. Dyson also have a vacuum cleaner called the Allergy, this has higher filtration levels so will pick up more dust, pollen and allergens that cause allergies. They also have lots of other specialist models so it’s best to have a look around and decide what would be best for your home. Dyson vacuum cleaners also have a set of extra features, they normally have a detachable hose that you can use for hard to reach places such as corners and stairs, they also supply a selection of different nozzles for different cleaning conditions. Popular Dyson vacuum cleaners include the Dyson DC07 Origin, DC24 Allfloors, DC25 Allfloors, DC14 Animal and DC25 Animal.
There are also other manufacturers of vacuum cleaner, these include Electrolux, Miele, Henry, Kirby, Hoover, Bosch and Panasonic vacuum cleaners. These make a selection of vacuum cleaners including bagless and bagged cleaners, the Henry vacuum cleaner is very popular as it is small and light and it also has a cute face on the front! This Henry vacuum cleaner has varying levels of suction power so you can alter it for delicate surfaces, it also has an automatic power cord rewind which saves you having to bend over. The other manufacturers are Electrolux, Hoover, Miele, Kirby, Bosch and Panasonic, these make a variety of vacuum cleaners including upright, bagless, bagged and hand held vacuum cleaners.

Hand held vacuum cleaners are very popular as they are so small and light, the most popular manufacturers are Black and Decker, Dirt Devil and Hoover. Black and Decker make the most models of hand held vacuum cleaners with lots of features, the main features to look for are a rechargeable hand held cleaner so that you do not have to have a power cord following you and a bagless system so that emptying is easy. Another popular feature with hand held vacuum cleaners is a wall bracket, this enables you to place the cleaner in the wall bracket to charge, the wall bracket is connected to the power supply so this makes for very convenient charging. Hand held vacuum cleaners are very popular for hard to reach places such as corners and stairs but are also great for when you need to clean somewhere which your normal vacuum cleaner cannot reach, for example you car. Hand held vacuum cleaners are great for cleaning the inside of your car, they are easy to manoeuvre and get into all of the hard to reach places.

Buying a vacuum cleaner online is our recommendation, they are quite large so picking one up from a shop and be a hassle. Also when you shop online you can look for the best prices and cheap deals, lots of the shops have cheap special offers and it would take a long time to visit all of the shops to see which was the cheapest. If you are looking for a cheap vacuum cleaner then you are best checking the top high street’s shops web sites (see the links above), they normally have some great cheap special offers where you can save allot of money. We also recommend that you browse most of the vacuum cleaners as they do vary quite allot, the Dyson models have lots of specialist features which you have to take into account.