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Cordless Telephones

Welcome to the Cordless Telephones page, this is our guide to buying a cordless telephone online in the UK from brands such as BT, Philips, Panasonic, Binatone, Cable & Wireless and many others.

Cordless telephones are very popular in the UK with digital cordless phones being the most popular choice. Cordless telephones are very convenient as you can take them anywhere within range of the base unit which normally means anywhere in the house or garden, the range of the cordless telephones vary but most can handle a good distance. Cordless telephones have a base unit that holds the hand unit when it is not in use, the base unit also charges the telephone as they have rechargeable batteries in them so that the telephone can be used for a good amount of time while not on the base unit. It is also common for digital cordless telephones to come in multi-packs, 2 or 3 phones is common with each phone having it’s own base, this means you can have cordless telephones all over the house making it easier to answer and also means that you can use the telephones to communicate within the house. There are many brands that offer digital cordless home phones including BT, Binatone, Panasonic, Philips, Cable & Wireless and many others.

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Digital cordless telephones are very popular as the digital signal gives a much better quality of sound. A popular type of digital telephone is the DECT phone, DECT stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications and has a range of up to 100 metres so is ideal for home use. DECT cordless phones are also cheap, you can get a DECT telephone with a base just as cheap as a normal telephone so you can enjoy all of the benefits of DECT technology cheaply.

There are many features to look for when buying a digital cordless telephone, they include the phone book that comes with the phone which allows you to store phone numbers and names of people you ring often. The amount of entries that you can store in the phone is limited and some phones do not offer many slots so it’s worth making sure you will have enough. Another useful feature that often comes with a digital cordless telephone is a built-in answering machine, these are great as they enable people to leave you messages when you cannot answer the phone. Many of the modern digital cordless phones come with an answering machine for little extra cost, they also save space and money as you do not need a separate answering machine.

There are also other features which can brighten up your digital cordless telephone, they are getting like mobile phones with colour screens and a selection of ring tones, some of the ringing tones on modern digital phones are very high quality and sound like real instruments. Some models also have a hands free feature, this lets you use the phone without having to hold it so you can still use the telephone if your hands are full.

So if you are looking for a cordless telephone there are a few things to consider, it will almost certainly be digital with DECT technology as this is the standard these days. The main things to consider are the features that you require, do you need a built-in answering machine or any of the other features and do you also need more than one handset? If you are looking for a cheap digital cordless telephone then have a shop around, lots of the shops have cheap special offers available and some just offer cheap prices all of the time, it’s best to have a look at most of the web sites as you may well find a cheap deal. There are many manufacturers that sell cordless telephones including BT, Philips, Binatone, Panasonic, Cable & Wireless and others.