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Definitive Guide to D Shaped Shower Enclosures

Shower enclosures are gaining more popularity recently, especially D shape enclosures, and before heading out to the store to select a shower enclosure for your home, there are quite a number of things homeowners need to consider so that they select a shower enclosure that meets their requirements and standards. By so doing, they will save time, effort and energy that is often spent in the process of looking for these products. Some of the important things they need to establish beforehand are further elaborated below.

Know the space requirements

Before you buy a D shaped shower enclosure, you need to determine the amount of space available in the bathroom or the en suite as this will guide you on what type of enclosures are most suitable for you. With this in mind, you should carefully measure the height as well as the floor area of your bathroom and come up with a rough plan, consisting of the doors, the windows and the space required for the doors for the D shape shower enclosure that will be installed in your bathroom.

The tray of the shower enclosure

This is basically the foundation on which the shower enclosure will stand. Since it ensures that the area is watertight and there is adequate drainage, buyers need to select a D shape shower enclosure that is effective. They should ensure that they are professionally fixed to avoid problems that might arise due to lack of alignment between the shower enclosure and the tray, which is at the base of the D shape enclosure.

Know the type to choose

Today in the market, there are a plethora of products to choose from, which presents homeowners with a lot of options. Buyers have the chance of selecting from the ready-made D shape shower enclosure cubicles or those that are tailor made for their spaces. The selection generally depends on a number of things such as the shape of the bathroom as well as the budget and preference of the homeowner. D shape shower enclosures are available in variety of designs, which are both modern and contemporary, offering buyers with flexible choices.

The material used and the finishing of the D shape shower enclosure is something that also needs to be put into consideration. In terms of door type, they can select from Bi-fold doors, sliding doors or pivot doors. The choice here depends on the available space in the bathroom. Sliding and Bi-fold doors are suitable for bathrooms with space constraints, while the pivot doors are good for bathrooms with a lot of space to spare.

Type of material used

Shower enclosures are basically made from glass, which has been toughened to be durable. Homeowners have the option of selecting the clear or opaque glass or even those treated with variety of borders and patterns to make the enclosures beautiful while at the same time preserve modesty in their bathrooms.

Anytime you decide you want to get a D shape shower enclosure for your bathroom, following the guide presented above will help you with the decision making process.

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