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Credit card v Debit card v PayPal

There are several modes of making online payments like credit cards, debit cards and PayPal, each with its own pros and cons and related securities with your information provision. Though all of them provide with adequate security measures to avoid any breach of information still sometimes mishaps occur and so you need to know about the payment types and their agenda before you go for online payments.


PayPal is one of the most widely used payment acquirers across the world, handing out payments worth billions of dollars each year. The PayPal payments are usually made through an existing account of the user or via a credit card and money can be directly sent to the given email address.

This is a convenient method and thus prompts the users to sign up a PayPal account. Along with taking payments, PayPal has an added feature of allowing its users to send money through the service.

According to PayPal, your data is safe and that the information you provide is encoded with the highest level of commercially available security. It has servers that check your browser to ensure that it employs the latest available encryption technology and that your data is stored on servers that have no direct connection to the internet. So PayPal is a preferred method of online payment due to the secure channel that it provides as PayPal even pays hackers to find any weaknesses in its system.

Credit cards

Credit cards indeed are the most diversely used method of online payment that allows its customers to charge their acquisitions to a major credit card. This is even more facilitated by the use of services of an online payment processor. The user has to provide the credit card information onto the order form and this data is securely transmitted through the web to the payment processor you choose. Now the firm completes the process of the transaction and deducts the transaction fees that vary from one processing firm to another.

But credit cards are not as simple as the process might seem. Nearly all the credit cards are issued and processed by banks which are stronger of an industry additionally guarded and resistant to cyber security practices that PayPal employs. Though they don’t pay hackers to alert them of any security flaws they have their own teams of security experts, yet the banking industry is vulnerable to breaches.

Debit card

Debit cards may be perfect on your shopping trip but when it comes to online purchases they might not be the best choice. This is due to the fact that it doesn’t provide with the same degree of protection and safety as other means of payment do. If a fraud occurs disputes with debit cards are difficult to resolve as banks offer zero-liability and if card number gets stolen then even your whole bank account is vulnerable. So resist as much as you can for making online transactions with debit cards.

You can go with credit cards or various other payment systems much more efficiently and safely.

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