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Creating Your Own Unique Pearl Jewellery

Pearls are known for their pretty colours, lustrous shine and elegant look, however, due to their high costs within high street shops and jewellers, not many people get the chance to own or even wear a set.

This is all about to change however, with a new craze which has hit the internet in which literally anyone (yes, even you) can unearth their own real pearls and create unique, personalised and dazzling jewellery pieces to cherish forever.

We’re sure you’re wondering how or where would you get hold of some of these pearls without maxing out your credit card at the jeweler’s shop in town, and the answer to that is where all real pearls come from… oysters.

That’s right, you can now buy real oysters which have been cultured and grown in such a way that each one has a real grown pearl inside. All you have to do is crack open the oysters to find them, which may sound a little yucky considering the oyster is dead inside, but there’s also a shiny, colourful and wondrous pearl in there just waiting to be found.

It’s a pretty hands on experience, but once you get over opening your first one and finding your first pearl, you’ll be eager to crack open another, and another, and another until you’ve got a whole set of pearls which can then be turned into unique jewellery just for you.

Facebook and Youtube have gone crazy over this new addiction, with people streaming themselves live through their webcam and people from around the world tuning in to watch, eagerly waiting to see what colour, size, quantity and shape of pearls the person finds inside. They then get their pearls set into pieces of jewellery such as a pair of earrings or even add their pearls into ready made pendants such as the ones below.

Anyone can do the same by buying their own oysters with pearls to open at home, revealing what shimmering pearls are inside and using them to create their own jewellery pieces at home.

How Can I Get Hold of Pearl Oysters?

Depending on what country you’re in, you’ll be able to find an online provider using your normal search engine. However from experience, we can recommend Pearly Oysters, who deliver vacuum packed oysters with pearls in the UK.

Or if you’re in the US, then we recommend Open an Oyster who sell oysters and jewellery to the states and Canada.
What’s So Special About These Oysters?

Good question – in normal conditions, it’s quite rare to find a pearl inside an oyster. As for one to be formed, a small particle of debris has to make it inside the oyster’s shell. Once inside, the oyster treats the piece of debris as an intruder and so starts to wrap it in layers of nacre (the organic material which pearls are formed from). Over a few years, the oyster continues to add layers of nacre to keep the debris separated and out of the way, forming a shiny, lustrous pearl in an array of colour and shades.

With technology, this process can be sustained by oyster farmers, who culture their oysters in the same manor in an attempt for them all to form a pearl inside. This method widens the opportunity for people to be able to afford their own set of pearls and even create their own jewellery at home.

So now you know how to get your hands on your own pearls without paying high street prices, and on top of that having the experience of actually cultivating the pearls yourself in a fun and unique way.

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