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Welcome to the Spyware Removal Software page, this is our guide to removing spyware and adware from your computer using free or purchased software from brands such as Norton, McAfee, Microsoft, Spyware Doctor, Spy Sweeper and others.

Spyware and adware are becoming a real problem on the Internet, they are basically software that install on your computer without your knowledge. Spyware can cause all kinds of problems, as the name suggests it can spy on your online activities and report these back to the software creators. Spyware also serves advertising, if you are receiving allot of pop-up adverts then it will almost certainly be spyware installed on your machine that is to blame. Spyware can also server other kinds of annoying advertising, it can change links on web pages or even add them to web pages, this means you are not seeing the web pages as they were intended by the person who wrote the web site, instead you are seeing lots of links and advertising added all over the place. Spyware is also very often very poor quality software which means it can make your computer run very slow, this is because the spyware uses up lots of computer recourses that your other software could be using. If you have alloy of spyware installed then this can make your computer very slow indeed, almost to the point where you cannot use it. Spyware can also cause problems with your Internet browser, it is common to find toolbars have been installed and you homepage and bookmarks altered, for these reasons it is very much recommended that you use some spyware removal software.

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There are many ways that spyware and adware can end up on your computer, the main route is through ‘free’ software that you download, these web sites offer this software for free because the spyware companies pay them to include the spyware with the software. File sharing programs are a very common example of this, you may install the file sharing program but it can sneakily include all kinds of other software that you do not want, they sometimes give the option to exclude the spyware in the installation of the software but often they do not. You can also get spyware just from visiting certain web sites, these are almost always the web sites offering something for free, they entice you in with free games or other products and you end up with spyware installed on your computer, the people responsible for these web sites get paid by the spyware company so they make money that way.

Web sites that offer free Spyware Removal Software:

Microsoft AntiSpyware

The problem with spyware and adware is that it is hard to remove, if that were not the case then anti spyware software would be be as necessary, although it would still make the removal quicker. This is why spyware remover software is so important, it is virtually impossible to remove all of the spyware installed on a badly affected computer. It is also worrying how many computers are infected with spyware, it is said that the average computer that is connected to the Internet will have over 20 pieces of spyware installed on it. So if you are using the Internet and are not using anti spyware software then you will almost certainly have spyware installed and should get some anti spyware software to remove the spyware.

Removing spyware or adware without spyware removal software is very hard but there are a few things you can do. When using Windows XP you can press Control, Alt and Delete together once to bring up the Windows Task Manager, this shows all of the processes that are running and what CPU and memory they are using, if you have any that are very high and your computer is running slow then that will be the cause. You can end the task in the Windows Task Manager but that will only work until you restart your computer, to stop the spyware from loading next time you use your computer you need to identify the spyware that is running. You then go to the Windows Start menu and then click run, you then type ‘msconfig’ into the run box and you will get the Windows System Configuration Utility. Do not make changes here unless you are sure of what you are doing, choose the Startup tag and it will list all of the software that loads when Windows starts, do not alter any of the other tags as they are very important to your computer and you can easily cause serious problems. You then have to de-select all of the spyware that you have identified and then click OK, this will stop the spyware from loading the next time you start windows but it will not actually remove it.

To remove the spyware or adware you will need spyware removal software, this is much easier than the above actions and is allot quicker. There are two main types of anti spyware software, the free versions and the paid versions. The free versions are very good considering they are free and will remove most spyware applications, all you have to do is download the spyware removal software and then let it scan your computer. Anti spyware software is similar to anti virus software in the way it works so if you have used anti virus software then you will easily be able to use the spyware removal software. It is also important that you keep your anti spyware software up to date, within the software there is normally an option to update the software so that any new spyware can be detected. Some free spyware removers also offer scheduled scans, these are great as they can run every day and delete automatically and spyware found, this almost eliminates any hassle you would have removing the spyware.

The main two free spyware and adware removers are Adaware and Microsoft AntiSpyware, they both offer very good spyware removal and are both free. Adaware was the first major spyware scanner available on the Internet and have been providing updated software and spyware information for years, Microsoft then released their Microsoft AntiSpyware software. The Microsoft AntiSpyware is is a very good choice as it offers some great features, you can set it to automatically download the spyware updates and also run scheduled scans so that you are always protected.

Then there is the paid anti spyware and adware software, this software normally offers more features and better protection than the free versions. They often offer advanced features such as monitoring the computer so that when any spyware is installed it is removed immediately and they normally offer more frequent updates and a better user interface. If you want complete spyware protection then the paid spyware removers are the best option as they offer a higher level of spyware removal and protection, they are also quite cheap so worth considering, especially when you consider the trouble that spyware can cause. Professional anti spyware software often comes bundled with other computer security software, this can make it even cheaper so if you are looking for anti spyware and virus protection and a firewall then one of these packages is a very good idea due to the great value, Norton Internet Security is a popular computer security package.

There are many brands that offer anti spyware and adware software and they include Norton, Spyware Doctor, McAfee and Spy Sweeper. They all offer professional software packages that include a CD for the installation, they also normally offer a more thorough spyware scan and are also offered in good value computer security software bundles that also include anti virus and firewall software.

So when looking for spyware and adware removal software there are a few things to consider, you can go for a free option such as the Microsoft AntiSpyware or Adaware which will be good enough for most users. For people wanting complete protection and complete removal of this annoying spyware we recommend the paid options, these usually offer a higher level of protection which will save you time and hassle in the future. The paid options include Norton, McAfee, Spy Sweeper and many others, you can also get anti spyware software included in computer security software bundles such as Norton Internet Security. If you are looking for cheap spyware removal software then have a good shop around, many of the shops have cheap prices and also run cheap special offers and deals so it is well worth hiving a good shop around.