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Anti Virus

Welcome to the Anti Virus Software page, this is our guide to buying anti virus software such as Norton, McAfee and Bullgaurd anti virus software.

Anti Virus software is an essential piece of computer security, especially for computers that are connected to the Internet. Computer Viruses can be caught from lots of places and do much damage to your computer and files, for this reason it is highly recommended that you use anti virus software. The anti virus software is also cheap and well worth the investment, you can get top quality anti virus protection for around £30 which is very cheap when you consider the damage that viruses can do. You can also buy security software packages that include anti virus protection and lots of other security software such as a firewall, spyware removal, parental controls, intrusion prevention, spam detection, privacy protection and content filtering. There are many different ways of buying anti virus protection which we will explain on this page, there are three main companies that offer anti virus software which are Norton, Bullgaurd and McAfee, Norton is by far the most popular.

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The most basic way to buy anti virus protection is to buy the basic package, this is the anti virus software and nothing else, Norton, McAfee and Bullgaurd all offer this option. When you buy the standard anti virus software you generally get a simple application that you have to install, once the software is installed it protects your computer from any viral threats. The antivirus software is designed to scan your whole computer, you can do this at any time and it will normally also schedule regular scans so that you are better protected, it is highly recommended that you do a full scan as soon as you have installed the antivirus software.

Once you have the anti virus software installed and you have completed your first scan the most important thing is to keep your antivirus software up to date. This is because new viruses are discovered all of the time, luckily all major anti virus software come with free updates for a period of time (usually one year). Most of the major antivirus software will update automatically, it will check on a regular basis to see if there are any updates and install them automatically if there is an update, this way you are always protected and do not have to run updates manually. You may have to choose in the settings of the software whether or not you would like these automatic updates, they are very much recommended as you are immediately protected against any new threats. With most antivirus software you get one years free updates and then you have to pay for another years, this is cheaper than buying more anti virus software though and it is essential that you stay protected against the latest threats.

There is another way of buying the standard anti virus software though, this is the update version of the software and only applies if you have an older version of the antivirus software. New versions of anti virus software are released roughly every year, the changes in the software are not related to the virus information that you get from the updates but in the way the actual software works, it may be quicker, have more features and be more thorough in what it does. For this reason it can be quite a good idea to get the latest version of the anti virus software as it will work better than the old version, also you will have to pay for another years updates for the latest protection and the updated software comes with another years protection so you may as well get the updated software, it will only cost a little more and you get the latest software.

The other way to buy anti virus software is to buy it in a computer security package, these normally include anti virus software, a firewall and other security software, these packages are generally cheaper than buying the software separately and are also recommended as they offer more security. A firewall can be important as it will stop hackers and other malicious attacks on your computer, firewalls monitor all incoming and outgoing traffic to make sure that nothing is wrong, if a problem is detected then the firewall can block any attack. A Firewall is a great companion for anti virus software as together they offer very good computer security, this is why these computer security packages are so popular.

One of the most popular anti virus software companies is Norton, they offer a wide range of computer software and concentrate on security and maintenance. Norton offer the basic antivirus software which is called Norton Antivirus, they also offer an upgrade so if you have an older version of the software you can get the latest version cheaper. Norton also offer a security package called Norton Internet Security, this includes virus protection, spyware removal, a firewall, intrusion prevention, privacy protection, parental controls, spam detection and content filtering. Features such as privacy protection and content filtering are designed to keep your information safe, you can also use parental controls to ensure that your children so not view unsuitable material.

So when buying anti virus software there are a few things to consider, the main thing is the type of software you buy from the standard software, the upgrade software and the security packages. Value wise the security packages are better as they are cheaper when you consider what you are getting, you get lots more features than with the standard software. The standard antivirus software is cheap though if you buy it on it’s own, you can also get it cheaper by buying the upgrade if you have an older version. There are also a few different software companies that offer anti virus software, these include McAfee, Norton and Bulldog with Norton being the most popular although Bulldog and McAfee are still widely used. If you are wanting to buy cheap anti virus software then also have a good shop around, there are many shops selling antivirus software at cheap prices and so also have cheap special offers and deals.