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Welcome to the Micro Scooters page, this is our guide to buying a kids micro scooter online including inline and folding micro scooters from brands such as Hot Wheels, The Simpsons, Power Rangers, Barbie, Bratz and many others.

Micro scooters are a very popular outdoor toy which children ride stood up, the modern micro scooters have cool stainless steel looks and modern features. Micro scooters are also cheap, they cost less than bikes and are just as much fun to use although they are not as good for large distances. There are also many brands that offer micro scooters and they include Hot Wheels, Barbie, Power Rangers, The Simpsons, Bratz and many others.

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There are many features to look out for when buying a micro scooter, some are folding so that they are easy to store and carry. Some also have rear brakes so that it is easier to stop and some also have special non-slip surfaces so they are safer to use. Some Micro scooters also have lights built into the base of the scooter so when the wheels turn the lights light up, this is very popular among children. The brand that makes the micro scooter is also important to most children as kids love brands like Hot Wheels, Bratz, Barbie, Power Rangers and The Simpsons, these branded scooters do cost a little more than the standard micro scooters though.

Safety is also an important consideration when buying a micro scooter, a safety helmet should be worn at all times when using a micro scooter. As well as the safety helmet the kids should also wear knee and elbow pads, the helmet and knee and elbow pads will keep the child safe for general scooter use. There are also a couple of safety features to look for on the actual scooter, non-slip surfaces will make for safer riding and a rear brake will make it easier to stop the scooter.

So when you are buying a micro scooter there are a few things to look for, folding micro scooters and scooters with brakes are useful and scooters with lights are always popular. The brand of the scooter is also important with Hot Wheels, Bratz, Barbie, Power Rangers and The Simpsons being very popular. If you are looking for a cheap micro scooter then you should have a good shop around, micro scooters are quite cheap anyway but there are shops who have cheap special offers and deals so finding a cheap micro scooter should be quite easy.