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Welcome to the Scalextric page, this is our guide to buying Scalextric products online such as the Digital Scalextric, Micro Scalextric, Speed Machines, Mini Cooper, Rally Sport, Formula One and Le Mans Scalextric sets.

Scalextric sets are great fun and loved by children, they are especially popular with young boys who are more likely to be racing fans. Scalextric sets usually cone with two cars and a set of track, this track is split into small segments so you have to build the track before you can use it, this adds to the fun as you can build your own tracks as well as the standard track that the set is intended for. Once the track is built you simply connect the Scalextric track to the power supply and you are ready to race, each car has a hand controller with a trigger that you squeeze to power your car, the harder you squeeze the faster the car will go! Most standard Scalextric sets can race two cars although the Digital Scalextric sets can race up to six, it is lots of fun racing on Scalextric tracks with lots of people. There are lots of different types of Scalextric set available and they include Digital Scalextric, Speed Machines, Micro Scalextric, Mini Cooper, Formula One, Rally Sport and Le Mans Scalextric sets, each has cars that are related to the type of motor sport associated with the Scalextric set.

Bestseller No. 2
Micro Scalextric 1:64 Scale My First Racing Set
238 Reviews
Micro Scalextric 1:64 Scale My First Racing Set
  • This set is designed to be the ideal starting point for younger drivers aged 3+
  • A introduction to the world of Scalextric featuring an easy-to-assemble figure-of-eight track
  • Two colour coded adjustable power level controllers are included to help control the speed of your race
  • Colour coded track pieces make this an easy to assemble starter set
  • Track length 256cm requiring 108cm x 61cm space
Bestseller No. 3
Scalextric C1368 Le Mans Sports Cars Set
36 Reviews
Scalextric C1368 Le Mans Sports Cars Set
  • Two Le Mans Prototype Cars go head-to-head
  • Features include Easy Change Pick-Ups , Magnatraction and Super-Resistant
  • 1:32 Scale
  • Track length 484cm
  • Space Required : 191 x 132cm
Bestseller No. 4
Carrera Go!!! 20062362 Mario Kart 8 Slot Racing Set
24 Reviews
Carrera Go!!! 20062362 Mario Kart 8 Slot Racing Set
  • Carrera Go!!! Nintendo Mario Kart 8 Slot Racing
  • Features Mario and Luigi
  • Controller Features Turbo button for high speed Thrills
  • 2 Karts Included Featuring Mario and Luigi
  • 1:43 Action Race Track
Bestseller No. 5
Scalextric C1356 Arc One Ultimate Rivals Race Set
1 Reviews
Scalextric C1356 Arc One Ultimate Rivals Race Set
  • Two ultimate rivals go head to head!
  • Mercedes AMG GT3 & BMW Z4 GT3
  • 9 Multiple Track layouts
  • 2 x Speed Limiter Hand Controller
  • Toy

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There are lots of things to look for when buying a Scalextric set, the most important is probably the length of track that comes with the set. This will dictate how long your track can be and it is very easy to run out when you are building your own tracks, the cheap tracks normally have shorter track lengths than the more expensive tracks so it all depends on how big you want the track to be. Accessories are also very useful with Scalextric tracks, barriers stop your cars from flying off of the track when you take corners too fast and you can also get other accessories like boards and flags that add to the appearance of the track. Some of the cars also have working headlights which adds to the racing experience, other features on the cars depends on the cars that come with the set.

The other important aspect of buying a Scalextric set is the type of cars that come with the Scalextric set, there are many sets that you can buy with different types of racing cars in each set, the sets you can buy include Digital Scalextric, Micro Scalextric, Formula One, Mini Cooper, Speed Machines, Rally Sport and Le Mans. Which set you buy depends on the type of racing car that you like, the Formula One set is very popular as it features the Ferrari and Mclaren Formula One cars and also features a pit stop. The Rally Sport set is also popular as it features the popular Subaru Impreza and Peugeot 307 rally cars and features cars with working headlights. The Mini Cooper set comes with two Mini Coopers and a great crossover track, the Speed Machines is set is similar but features Audi cars. Then there is the Le Mans track which is the top Scalextric set that you can buy, it offers a huge track and great Dodge Viper cars.

There are also some other types of Scalextric set that you can buy online which are different to the standard Scalextric sets, these include the Digital Scalextric sets which use digital technology to enhance the Scalextric experience. The Digital Scalextric sets can race up to 6 cars and the cars can change lanes which offers some very exciting racing action, they also have digital hand controllers. The other type of Scalextric set is the Micro Scalextric set, these are much smaller and are designed for younger children but are a great way to get into the Scalextric way of racing.

So if you are thinking of buying a Scalextric set then there are a few things to look out for, the main choice is normally the type of cars that come with the set as most people prefer a certain type of motor sport. There are lots of choices for the types of cars and they include Formula One, Rally Sport, Speed Machines, Mini Cooper and Le Mans. The length of the track is also important as some tracks are much longer than others, the cheaper sets tend to be shorter. If you are looking for a cheap Scalextric set then have a good shop around as many of the shops offer cheap Scalextric sets and also have cheap special offers and deals.