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Welcome to the Pushchairs page, this is our guide to buying pushchairs from brands such as Mamas and Papas, Maclaren, Graco, Chicco, Stroller and many others.

Pushchairs are used to transport babies and young children, they are similar to prams but used when the baby is old enough to sit up although some models are suitable for babies from birth. Pushchairs are also known as buggies and have four sets of wheels, they usually have two wheels per set which are known as swivel wheels, these give easier steering and better stability. If you have two young children then you could get a double buggy, these are like two single buggies combined so if you have two young children they are allot easier to use. There are also lots of brands that make pushchairs such as Mamas and Papas, Chicco, Graco, Maclaren, Stroller and others.

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When buying a pushchair there are a few things to consider, the main consideration is usually size and weight. If you will often use the pushchair on public transport or if you will be using it over long distances then a light pushchair is worth looking for, it will make it easier to use and less tiring. The size is important as larger pushchairs can be harder to manoeuvre but are often more stable, if you are going to be storing the pushchair in the boot of a car then you need to make sure that the pushchair will fit into the car boot when folded.

There are also features to look out for when buying a pushchair, they all fold for easy storage and most have front swivel wheels so that they are easier to steer. Some pushchairs also have suspension which will give a more comfortable ride for the baby or young child, some pushchairs also have brakes so that you can stop more easily. Another important feature is the amount of recline positions that the seat has, some offer around five different recline positions which helps find a position that the baby or young child is happy with.

There are also pushchairs with twin seats, if you have more than one baby or child that you wish to transport then the twin seated pushchairs are a great option. The twin or double seated pushchairs are not as easy to manoeuvre as the single seated pushchairs but if you are alone and have more than one baby or young child then the twin seated buggies are usually the only option, twin or double seated buggies are nothing like as common as the single seated models but you can buy them from a few shops.

There are also lots of accessories that come with pushchairs, most have a hood that will shelter the baby or young child from rain and other weather conditions. Most buggies also have storage underneath the seat of the buggy where you can store shopping or other items, some buggies also come with a shopping basket. There are also accessories that make the baby or young child more comfortable, they include foot muffs and extendable leg rests. Most of these features come with the more expensive pushchairs from brands like Maclaren, Mamas and Papas, Stroller, Graco and Chicco, you can get some of them on the cheap pushchairs but if you want most of them then the better quality pushchairs are the only option.

If you are looking for a cheap pushchair then remember that the more expensive models nearly always offer more comfort for the baby or child and are easier to steer and handle, you can get cheap pushchairs that are good quality though for cheap prices if you have a good shop around. Some of the shops also run cheap special offers and deals on pushchairs so some good money can also be saved with these, always get the best quality pushchair that you can afford though as it will be well worth the money for you and your baby. The main brands that offer pushchairs are Mamas and Papas, Graco, Maclaren, Stroller and Chicco with Mamas and Papas being the most popular.