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Polly Pocket

Welcome to the Polly Pocket page, this is our guide to buying Polly Pocket toys online in the UK such as Polly Pocket playsets, dolls, cars, roller skates, scooters, skateboardsand much more.

Polly Pocket dolls are a small type of doll that usually come with a playset which can include any number of locations that the Polly Pocket doll can play in, they are called Polly Pocket because of their small size and the fact that the toys can fit into a pocket. Even though the Polly Pocket dolls are small they are still detailed, the child can change the clothes of the dolls and the dolls also have hair that can be styled.

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The playsets that you buy contain at least one Polly Pocket doll and a large range of accessories, each Polly Pocket playset has a specific theme such as a boutique, bedroom, Water Wonderland or one of many others, each playset has accessories that match the theme of the playset. These accessories will usually include fashion accessories and items such as furniture that match the playset, these include mirrors, wardrobes, chairs and lots more. You can also get playsets that are based on vehicles such as cars and buses, the car and bus playsets are like the room playsets but based in a car or bus. The car and bus playsets often have extra features that require batteries, these features can include games, lights and sounds so if you are buying a car or bus Polly Pocket playset then remember they will require batteries.

There are also many other Polly Pocket products that you can buy and they include roller skates, scooters, skateboards and art sets. The skateboards, scooters and roller skates feature Polly Pocket images and the style of Polly Pocket products, if your child is a big fan of the Polly Pocket range then the skateboards, roller skates and scooters are a good option for adding to your child’s Polly Pocket collection and they are also toys that encourage active play.