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Welcome to the Lego page, this is our guide to buying Lego toys online such as the Star Wars Lego, Technic Lego, Standard Lego, Vikings Lego, Knights Kingdom Lego, City Lego and much more.

Lego is a construction toy that uses blocks that are easily attached to each other, the child can then build as their imagination wishes. Most Lego sets also come in themes with a specific structure that can be built, the lego set will come with the exact Lego blocks and parts to build that structure and instructions on how to build that structure, the child can then choose to either build the structure or build their own creations. There are many structures that are available with the Lego sets, the common themes include Star Wars Lego, Vikings Lego, Technic Lego, City Lego, Standard Lego, Knights Kingdom Lego and many other Lego toys.

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One of the most popular types of Lego is the Star Wars Lego, these are Lego sets that let the child build Star Wars vehicles and space craft. The vehicles and space craft available include the Star Fighter and the Turbo Tank, the Star Wars Lego sets usually come with Star Wars characters such as Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi and they also often have lightsabers so the children can re-create battles from the Star Wars films. There are also smaller Star Wars space crafts and vehicles that you can buy including the Droid and Clone Scout Walkers, many of the space crafts and vehicles also have actions such as opening wings and the dropping of bombs.

Another popular type of Lego is the Technic Lego, this is Lego that uses more advanced parts to create vehicles and structures that are more advanced than most other Lego sets. Technic Lego sets often use advanced components such as pneumatics and gears so that children can build very advanced vehicles which often feature suspension, gear changing, cranes and more. There is also another type of Lego called Lego racers that features fast cars and advanced components like the Technic Lego sets, they are also sometimes remote controlled and you can even build a Ferrari Enzo!

There are also Lego sets that feature historical characters and locations, these include the Lego Vikings and the Lego Knights Kingdom sets. These usually feature a castle of fort that has defences such as catapults, traps, weapons, shields and much more, the castles and forts also usually come with characters such as Knights and Vikings that can be placed in the castle or fort. There are also historical vehicles such as the Viking ship that have Viking detail, if your children are into historical characters then the Lego Knights Kingdom and Lego Vikings are well worth a look.

There are also lots of other types of Lego that you can buy, one of the most popular is just the standard Lego which can be purchased in large tubs. This standard Lego does not have any specific structure or vehicle to build but offer a huge selection of building blocks so that the child can build whatever they like, this is great as the child has to use more imagination and a similar level of skill. This standard lego is also cheap, you can get a huge tub with over one thousand pieces for around £20.

So if you are looking to buy Lego toys online then there is quite allot to choose from, there are many types of sets available including Star Wars Lego, Vikings Lego, Standard Lego, Knights Kingdom Lego, Technic Lego, City Lego and many others. If you are looking for cheap Lego then the standard Lego is cheaper than the other Lego sets, there are also shops that have cheap special offers and deals so finding cheap Lego sets and toys can be quite easy.