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Welcome to the Highchairs page, this is our guide to buying highchairs online for babies including wooden, plastic and metal folding highchairs and highchairs that are adjustable from brands such as Mamas and Papas, Chicco, Hauck, Fisher Price, Svan and many others.

Highchairs are tall seats that babies sit in while they eat or drink, they are tall so that they are on the same level as the other people near them. They always have a tray that sits just above the babies lap that is used for food and drinks to be placed on, they also usually have a harness so that the baby will be safely seated at all times. There are two main types of highchair which are the wooden highchair and the plastic and metal high chair, there are also many useful features such as folding, adjustable and highchairs with large age ranges. There are many brands that make high chairs including Mamas and Papas, Hauck, Svan, Chicco, Fisher Price and many others.

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When buying a high chair there are a few things to look out for, the first is the age range that the high chair supports. Most babies are ready to use a high chair at around six months although there are some high chairs that can seat younger babies, the maximum age limit all comes down to how adjustable the high chair is with some models being able to seat children as old as ten years as they convert into infant seats. When a high chair has converted into an infant seat it is lowered and the tray is removed so that the infant does not feel like a baby when in the seat, the high chair acts just like a normal seat so offers much better value than the high chairs that are not adjustable.

Some highchairs also have seats that recline, this means that you can alter the seating position of the baby as you see fit. The tray can also often be adjusted so that it can sit in several different positions, these features are very useful as the baby grows so are worth looking out for.

There are two main types of highchair that you can buy online, the wooden highchairs and the highchairs that are made from a combination of metal and plastics. Which type you buy generally comes down to taste, the metal and plastic highchairs are easier to clean and are normally more comfortable for the baby or infant but the wooden highchairs have a more traditional look and feel, wooden high chairs are not as common as the metal and plastic high chairs.

So if you are looking to buy a high chair online then there are a few things to consider, the most important are the age range of the high chair and how adjustable the high chair is, these will prolong the life of the highchair and add more value to your purchase. There are also many top brands that offer high chairs and they include Mamas and Papas, Fisher Price, Svan, Hauck, Chicco and many others. If you are looking for a cheap high chair remember that the age range and adjustable qualities will add lots of value to your highchair purchase. You can however find cheap highchairs with these good features if you have a good shop around as many offer cheap highchairs and also run cheap special offers, it is best to look for the high chairs with the good features from brands such as Fisher Price, Mamas and Papas, Hauck, Svan and Chicco.