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Dr Who Toys

Welcome to the DR Who page, this is our guide to buying DR Who toys such as the Radio Control Dalek, figures, board games and accessories which will be popular with all young DR Who fans.

DR Who is a very popular television series on the BBC that has many fans, the new series on the BBC has also produced a number of younger fans so there are now a range of DR Who toys available to buy online. These feature popular characters and items from the television series and include the Daleks, the Tardis and of course DR Who himself, they feature figures of the characters and models of other items and are all very realistic. There are also other games and accessories available as DR Who toys which include remote controlled items, money boxes, games and lots more, there is a huge selection of DR Who toys available so you should have no problems finding something suitable.

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The most popular type of DR Who toy is the figure, these are figures of characters that are popular in the television series and they are all very realistic. They include Davros, Bessie, Doctor Who and Cyberman and also feature objects such as the Tardis, these are great toys to buy as they are cheap and very realistic so young DR Who fans will love playing with them.

Another very popular DR Who toy is the radio controlled Dalek, this has 360 degree travel and is lots of fun to use. The radio controlled Dalek has flashing lights and speech, it has seven phrases and also makes blast sounds as it is used. The movement of the radio controlled Dalek is very realistic with automated head and eye movement, the radio controlled Dalek also has a rotating centre section and a pose-able gun and arm. The radio controlled Dalek uses batteries for the main unit and the remote control so rechargeable batteries are very much recommended as the radio controlled Dalek is the kind of toy that could be used allot!

There are also other DR Who toys available including games, these include an electronic LCD game that has a case that looks like a Dalek spaceship. There is also a traditional DR Who board game in which the Tardis is malfunctioning badly and needs vital repair, players play as either the Doctor or a Dalek with the Daleks trying to EXTERMINATE the Doctor! The DR Who board game also features and interactive electronic Tardis and Dalek models and is lots of fun for the whole family, the board game does require batteries and they are not included.

There are also accessories that you can buy, popular choices include a Tardis money bank that has light and sound effects. Another popular choice is the Sonic Screwdriver which allows secret writing using an Ultra Violet pen and light, the Sonic Screwdriver also includes a secret codebook of Dalek and Grallifreyan codes.

So when buying Dr Who toys there are lots to choose from, the figures and remote controlled Daleks are very popular along with accessories like the Tardis money bank and the Sonic Screwdriver secret writing toy. If you are looking for cheap DR Who toys then you are best having a good shop around as many of the shops sell cheap DR Who toys and some also have cheap special offers and deals so buying cheap DR Who toys online can be quite easy.