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Deal or No Deal

Welcome to the Deal Or No Deal Board Game page, for fans of the hit TV game show Deal Or No Deal there is now a board game that allows you to play the hit show with family and friends at home!

The TV show Deal Or No Deal has been a huge hit and is watched by millions of people in the UK. There are 22 boxes and 22 amounts of money which are randomly placed in the 22 boxes. The player then has one of these boxes and begins to play the game, they precede to open the rest of the boxes in rounds of a few boxes per round. Now the clever part is that when they open one of the other boxes it means that they cannot have that amount in their box and obviously the player will be hoping that there is a large amount in their box so if the amount in the box is low this is good as it makes it more likely that the amount in their box will be high. But if the amount in the opened box is high then this has the reverse effect, it makes it less likely that the amount in their box will be high and if it is one of the highest amounts (the Power Five!) then this is tantamount to a disaster as it means that amount is not in their box.

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After every round of opening a few boxes the banker makes an offer to the player based on what is left so if the player has opened lots of low amounts then the offer is likely to be high as there will be lots of high numbers left. Similarly if the player has had a nightmare and opened all of the high boxes they will get a very low offer, the offer is usually the average of what is left or quite often below this as the banker can be quite cruel! And this is where the Deal Or No Deal name comes in, after every banker offer the player must decide on whether they want to take the offer (Deal!) or keep playing and hope that they do not open any large amounts (No Deal!). If the player is still playing when there is only two boxes left and has not dealt then they simply have their box opened and win whatever is inside.

The success in the Deal Or No Deal game is not just about how much you win though; if you end up with an amount larger than what the banker has offered then you are considered to have beaten the banker and this is seen as a great triumph!

The Deal Or No Deal board game is very good indeed and allows family and friends to all play Deal Or No Deal at home. It comes complete with the bankers phone and a full game board, the 22 amounts of money are shuffled and placed on the squares on the board and they are then revealed one by one as you play. You then enter the amount revealed into the banker’s phone so that the banker can calculate the offers, each player then has to decide whether to Deal or No Deal as the offers are made and the player who comes out with the most winnings is the winner.

The Deal Or No Deal board game is sure to be a massive hit with Deal Or No Deal fans and you can buy it online easily. We have listed lots on this page from the top online shops and ordered them with the cheapest first so that you can find the cheap deal and compare the cheap prices available online.