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Welcome to the Bikes page, this is our guide to buying bikes for children including trikes and kids bikes from brands such as Bratz, Raleigh, Disney, Tonka, Barbie, Little Tikes and Scooby Doo.

Bikes are are great toy for children as they encourage outdoor and active play, using a bike outdoors is much better for them than staying inside. There are several levels of bike available for children with the trike being the smallest and designed for very young children. Trikes are very stable and almost impossible to overturn, they have three or four wheels and are designed to be very easy to ride. Trikes are also usually coloured brightly as they are designed for young children, they also often have accessories such as a basket or other storage where the child can store items. There are many brands that make trikes and they include Little Tikes, Little Tikes make many trikes and bikes and are very high quality.

Bestseller No. 1
Flite Panic BMX 20 inch Wheel Bike
185 Reviews
Bestseller No. 2
Rocker BMX Mini BMX Bike iROK+ METAL RKR
143 Reviews
Rocker BMX Mini BMX Bike iROK+ METAL RKR
  • Rocker BMX. METAL iROK+. New Street Pro Style Tyres
  • Chunky scaled down mini versions of 20" BMX's designed to take a serious amount of adult sized abuse
  • New Lighter Hi tensile steel frame, forks & bars. Front load stem with forged face plate,
  • 10" x 28" bars, plastic BMX pedals with matching kraton rubber grips
  • Important:This bike has no brakes! It is sold for off-road use only. It is specifically designed for off-road racing on enclosed tracks. We do not offer a road kit for this bike, as it is NOT to be used on the road.
Bestseller No. 3
Flite Panic 20 'BMX Bike - Green
225 Reviews
Flite Panic 20 "BMX Bike - Green
  • 20 inch black alloy rims with large flange steel hubs
  • Black freestyle 2.125 inch tyres, steel V-brakes front/rear
  • Steel BMX Bars with cross-brace and four bolt stem, rear stunt pegs and padded kobe BMX saddle
  • Suitable inside leg measurement: 22-28 inches and for ages 7-14 years
  • Some assembly required: Fit front wheel, attach pedals, saddle and handlebars, and run through safety check list
Bestseller No. 4
Venom 2017 Mini BMX - Black
4 Reviews
Venom 2017 Mini BMX - Black
  • Venom Mini BMXs are fully CE certified and tested to EU safety standards (EN 14764:2005).
  • Total weight only 10kg
  • Increased high pressure tyres (30psi)
  • 9.5" X 26.5" handle bars
  • Lightweight plastic pedals. Venom branded saddle. Pair of stunt pegs. ODI style grips.
Bestseller No. 5
Ndcent Flier Kids' Freestyle Bike Pink/Blue, 10.5' inch steel frame, 1 speed 16' bmx wheels front & rear caliper brakes
23 Reviews
Ndcent Flier Kids' Freestyle Bike Pink/Blue, 10.5" inch steel frame, 1 speed 16" bmx wheels front & rear caliper brakes
  • 10.5" Steel freestyle frame and 16" BMX Wheels
  • Stylish Pink & Blue Colour Scheme with Front & Rear Caliper Brakes
  • Age Range = 5-7 Years

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The next type of bike is the trike that is more bike like, these are ideal for older children who are not yet ready for a bike. They usually still have three wheels but are thinner and not as brightly coloured, they are often branded with popular children’s brands such as Barbie, Disney, Bratz, Scooby Doo and others. They also usually have adjustable handle bars and seats so that as the child grows you can alter the bike accordingly until the child is ready for a proper bike.

Then there is the proper children’s bike, this has two wheels just like normal bikes but often come with stabilisers so if the child needs them, stabilisers are a set of small wheels that go at the back of the bike which stop the bike from toppling over when ridden. These are still bikes intended for young children though and are different to the older kids bikes that you can buy, these are still very much branded for young children with Bratz, Disney, Barbie and Scooby Doo being very popular. You can also buy bikes for older children that are just like adult bikes but smaller, these include mountain bikes and BMX bikes.

When buying a bike for a child safety is a very important consideration, it is advised that you buy a good quality safety helmet as these can prevent serious injury should the child fall from the bike while riding. You can also get other safety products such as knee, elbow and wrist pads, these are a good idea but not as important as the safety helmets or when using other products such as skateboards where falling is much more likely. There are also many brands that make these kids bikes which include Raleigh and Tonka, Raleigh are by far the most popular.

So when buying a bike for a child it generally comes down to the age and cycling ability of the child, there are trikes for the very young children and there are also bikes of various sizes and cycling levels. There are also lots of brands that make bikes and trikes and they include Bratz, Tonka, Little Tikes, Disney, Raleigh, Barbie and Scooby Doo. If you are looking for a cheap bike then have a good shop around as many of the shops have cheap special offers and deals so finding a cheap child’s bike or trike can be quite easy.