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Baby Monitors

Welcome to the Baby Monitors page, this is our guide to buying baby monitors online such as 2 way, portable, large range and digital baby monitors from brands such as Tomy, BT, Philips, Fisher Price and many others.

Baby monitors are used to monitor a baby while the parents are in a different room, they alert the parents should the baby wake up and need attention. Baby monitors have two units, one near the baby and one with the parents, the two units then communicate so that any sound from the babies room will be heard in the room that the parents are in. There are lots of brands that offer baby monitors and they include Tomy, Philips, BT, Fisher Price and many others.

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There are lots of basic features to look out for when buying a baby monitor, baby monitors use radio channels to communicate so the more channels it has the less chance of interference there is, if there is interference then you can simply switch channel to see if that is better. The range of the baby monitor is also important, the larger the range the further you will be able to go and still monitor your baby, the range is usually measured in metres with all monitors having a range larger than the average house. Digital baby monitors are also worth looking for, the digital signal is of a much better quality than the standard analogue signal and is not as prone to interference, digital baby monitors are also easier to use.

The power supply provided by the baby monitor is also important, most of the monitors on the babies side are mains powered so should never turn off. The monitor that the parents have can come in two types, the fixed type that is mains powered like the babies and the battery powered models which can be portable. These battery powered, portable models offer greater flexibility as you can move around with the monitor as long as you are still in range of the baby monitor, this means you can easily move around the house or garden and still monitor the baby. These battery powered baby monitors usually have a belt clip making them truly portable, some battery powered units are also rechargeable so you do not have to keep buying batteries.

There are also some advanced features to look out for, some baby monitors have a 2 way feature that means as well as you hearing the baby, the baby can hear you which can be a calming and reassuring sign for the baby. Some baby units also offer a night light on the actual baby monitor which babies often like, some also offer information about the temperature of the babies room so that you can keep an eye on the conditions of the room. Another advanced feature is the sensor pad, these detect if the baby has not moved in a certain amount of time and will alert you if this is the case. These advanced features usually come with the better quality baby monitors from brands such as BT, Tomy, Fisher Price, Philips and many others.

So if you are looking for a baby monitor then there are a few things to look out for, the number of channels and the range of the baby monitor are the most important aspects with portable units and 2 way communications also worth looking for. There are also many brands that offer baby monitors including BT, Fisher Price, Tomy, Philips and others, Tomy and BT are the most popular. If you are looking for cheap baby monitors then have a good shop around, many of the shops offer cheap baby monitors and also often have cheap special offers and deals, remember though that better quality baby monitors are always worth the extra money.