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5 Reasons To Purchase A Fixie Bike

There are many varieties of bikes and selecting the type will depend upon your preference and utility. Some of the types include bicycle motocross or BMX, mountain or Enduro bikes, cruising bikes, hybrid bikes, touring bikes, recumbent bikes, tandem bikes, electric bikes, track bikes, and single speed or fixed gear bikes, to name a few.

The single speed or fixed-gear or its’ slang term, “Fixie” bike is one in which the cog or sprocket is either bolted directly or threaded to the hub located on the back wheel. This allows the rider to pedal either forward or backwards depending on the desired direction. Braking can only occur when the rider reverses direction of the peddling. Some of the benefits to purchasing a Fixie bike include:

Cruising – for cruising around town in the streets or on trails, this is one of the most basic reasons to buy a Fixie and get the most enjoyment because it involves cycling at your leisure.

The “Easy Riders” is just one such like-minded cycling groups located in Dublin who enjoy leisure cycling. The group touts that the group collectively enjoy going on morning rides of 15 – 25 KM and to promote cycling, exercise, fun, and personal fitness all before chilling out after the ride.

Health – There have been and continue to be written report concerning the healthy benefits of cycling due to the low impact, continuous cardio-focused exercise associated with cycling. More recently, additional benefits that have been the subject of clinical trials include the improvement of high blood pressure, diabetes, fitness, and weight.

For example, if you weigh approximately 100 kilos (equivalent to1200 kilojoules) and you cycle for 15 kilometers per hour, you will have burned about 12 kilojoules per every 3 calories per kilo of body weight every 30 minutes according to the British Heart Foundation.

Touring – To truly enjoy discovering new places and taking notice of the many details by the road or off the beaten path, try touring. Some of the reasons to consider touring include the various groups listed on, taking in biking safaris, riding tours, historical sightseeing tours, and just being a champion mobile naturalist.

CommutingCommuting via bike is the most inexpensive modes of transportation in some cases, a cross-modal trip may include use of mass transit like trains or busses.

Adventure – If an automobile is an extension of one’s self then the bike is an extension of one’s ecological self. You may want to explore by biking solo or in a group or with just your family. There is so much fun and excitement about biking that you will most definitely make new friends and find some common interests too. One particularly new activity is video recording your trip for either streaming or uploading into social media sites.

If you are considering the many styles of Fixie bikes for sale, why not visit one of Ireland’s premier cycling headquarters,

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